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Back in November 2019 Eat This Music had a chat with pop duo REYKO about the release of their – then – latest single “Don’t Mention My Name“, since then, REYKO went on to release “Your Game“, “Surrender” and “Hierba Mala” as further tastes of what was to come off their 15-track debut self-titled album.

The day has finally come, as Soleil & Igor have released their debut self-titled album under the moniker of REYKO, an electro-pop duo out of London that explore themes of personal experiences and feelings with great panache and relatability; with highlights such as “The Morning After“, “Lose Myself” and “Sin Rumbo“, REYKO’s debut self-titled album is an excellent first outing full of smooth vibes and great stories throughout.

Speaking on their debut self-titled album, REYKO explained how they took their time with the album to dig deep into personal experiences and feelings and, through the songs, show who they both are in the most honest possible way.

“Throughout the songs we have combined different emotions, from moments of very deep self-doubt and vulnerability, to explosions of non-sense euphoria.”

“And what is probably present somehow in most of the songs is an element of escapism”, REYKO express.

REYKO also touch on being part of an online generation, where “we are all overly informed about everything that is going on around us,” and within the album, REYKO wanted to transport their brains somewhere very far away where they could find some sort of peace of mind.

14th March – Barcelona – Sala Laut
21st March – Madrid – Sala Boite
1st April – Murcia – Teatro Circus
24th April – Mallorca – OD Portals

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