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Luke Rathborne is an artist out of Brunswick Maine and he has lived in New York City for most of his adult life. In fact, Luke Rathborne is also a rock musician and music producer, and he also directs short films and music videos, including the one for his very own latest single, “Ordinary Woes“.

Eat This Music had the opportunity to have a chat with Luke about “Ordinary Woes”, which Luke revealed is about navigating through life and additionally touching on typical things that run through streams of consciousness, exploring how the streams are really not that important and how we are all dealing with the same hard to understand difficulties that are “ordinary” at the end of the day.

Bringing together a mix of garage-rock and gritty instruments throughout, “Ordinary Woes” is a song that showcases Luke’s intense portrayal of his own life as he takes the viewer on a journey through New York.

“My life plays into music as I try to open myself up to feeling a certain way to start expressing whatever that part of me or the character being portrayed is,” Luke expresses.

Speaking on the creative aspect of “Ordinary Woes”, Luke told Eat This Music that he remembers the process of “Ordinary Woes” involving the creation of very fast drum beats and working it out in a practice space with his bassist Darren. Also, the programming “was very quick and a kind of heavy metal punk style”, which is evident throughout the track. Luke worked with Jamie Alegre on the recording, who was able to produce the punk blast beat. Luke also recorded with Ted Young at a big warehouse studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn that Ted called “outer space”.”

“I wanted to make it [Ordinary Woes] because I want to reach people who hold music as a very important part of their lives and communicate with them.”

Music is an important of Luke’s life and it is a mysterious entity that everyone should try to make a part of their life. One reason is that Luke believes it is very helpful towards achieving happiness and fulfillment.

“Ordinary Woes” is a song that Eat This Music likes a lot and it should be a song on your radar too.

The remainder of 2020 looks to be a busy time for Luke as he is currently working on releasing his upcoming album, which Luke revealed is “very difficult.”

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