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Mike Taveira is a pop-leaning artist who pairs sensual lyrics with contemporary R&B and future pop elements, while staying true to his own Queer roots and narrative. Unafraid to push boundaries, Mike Taveira is always capturing something new through his music and visuals.

Since the release of his previous single “Heart“, Mike has been back to back in the studio creating more music” and reveals to Eat This Music that he is excited to release more singles. Hopefully an EP/mixtape soon too.

Recently the New York-based pop artist released his latest single “Curious“, a song about the first steps Mike took towards honouring his very own queerness. Mike revealed to Eat This Music that he was was attracted to someone who he knew was also attracted to him, however, societal pressures restricted the two of them from acting on what they believed in until they found themselves alone. “Curious” reflects on the moment where Mike and that person could be vulnerable with each other and explore that part of themselves.

“This song is almost a direct portrayal of how I discovered my sexuality.”

Going into details on the creation of the video, Mike explains that it was probably the hardest creative challenge he ever had in his life. Mike had to cast Los Angeles based queer artists and then fly some other artists to Los Angeles from New York City. After unexpected changes of locations and last minute dropouts during the two day shoot, Mike finally got the result he wanted and couldn’t be happier with the end result. Mike watches his above creation with a big smile on his face and cannot believe that all these people said yes to his vision and who he is.

This single is important for Mike, as he wants it to be a voice for queer youth, a voice Mike did not have when he was younger. “The music video celebrates sensual connection between people of all genders that you rarely see in mainstream media,” Mike hopes to be a voice in mainstream pop that is usually dominated by a heteronormative narrative.

Mike wanted the visuals and each scene to have him put into a game like how it feels to be curious about someone. “Does she like me?” “Is he into me?” were a lot of the thoughts of what was going through Mike’s mind while creating the scenes in the video. The meaning of this next release is to feel connections and to love whoever regardless of gender but also to not be afraid to show the world who you are.

The music video features friends and people within the LQBTQI community that are passionate about seeing queer artists tell their stories, so when Mike had inspiration for a scene or character he looked for someone who could accurately reflect the world he lives in.

“Collaboration between queer artists is beautiful and important and it’s very humbling to be lifted up and supported by the community that I love so much.”

Mike never had a male figure growing up that would vocally express “I am into women and men”, or “I am into trans women and trans men.” Those words out loud never existed and still are very rare for a man to express, Mike revealed. Mike grew up without any openly pansexual figures to look up to, So he knew that his personal journey needed to be expressed through the creation of his music. Mike wants his story to connect with others who have also felt confused about where they fit in.

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