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I have not been speechless – actually ‘wordless’ – about a music video since the release of fellow Australian band Art vs. Science‘s “Zeus in the Architecture” back in 2019 – because nothing I could write about that song could do it any justice. However, with that said, here we are today with the release of Ocean Grove‘s intense new single & music video, “NEO“.

Coming off the release of Ocean Grove’s forthcoming album “Flip Phone Fantasy“, the music video essentially showcases the creative artistry of the four-piece, as the nearly two minutes are fueled with neon colours, bright lights and loud, heavy authentic beats.

Speaking on the release of the single, Ocean Grove’s Bassist Twiggy, who swaps the bass for frontman duties with Dale on this track, explains that their brand new single is the “sonic boom of bedroom angst”.

“It’s the fist through the wall to expose what lies on the other side of teenage aggression. It is the learning of one’s depression through anger and confusion and trying to find your place in a world of distortion. It completes the spectrum of human emotions that ‘Flip Phone Fantasy’ seeks to explore.”

I am looking forward to playing this one on radio tomorrow night. Nothing much else to say. Enjoy.

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