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Gia Woods is an artist out of the U.S., and the first time Eat This Music discovered her was back in early 2019 with the release of “Jump The Fence“, however, since then, Gia then went on to release the subsequent singles “New Girlfriend” in March, “Keep on Coming” in April and “Feel It” in June 2019, respectively.

Gia Woods is an artist that doesn’t like to be defined by one type of style. Gia Woods’ style changes all the time so she wants to pick three different characters to explore different sides of herself, which is evident from how fantastic the character development is within the music video.

Speaking on the creative process of “Hungry”, Gia expresses how the initial song was inspired by shutting down unsolicited outside opinions and trusting your own intuition. The single is a pop anthem featuring the traits of independence, and Gia hopes her new single “Hungry” empowers people to take control, trust their instincts, and do their own thing in life.

Gia Woods’ first single of 2020, “Hungry“, is a song that showcases more of her diverse range of alternative indie-pop, that dives headfirst into a strong portrayal of an artist breaking through the barrier of the music scene even though she has been making music since 2015.

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