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The idea of COUCHSURF came from his experiences living out of his van and touring across the United States for the past few years. COUCHSURF found it liberating and it gave him the drive to dive deeper into his passion, which was writing music. COUCHSURF has been fortunate enough to couchsurf – so to speak – in the homes of some of the kindest people he has ever met and many of them couldn’t help but confess their fear of doing the same thing COUCHSURF was doing. Their fear set into motion a personal mission for COUCHSURF to inspire people to chase their dreams and love themselves.

That brings us to today and the recent release of COUCHSURF’s latest single “Kung Fu“. Speaking on the release of the single, COUCHSURF expressed to Eat This Music that everyone makes mistakes in life, and there is nothing worse than someone badgering you when you mess up. Most people are hardest on themselves and the additional opinion of someone who thinks they are perfect is the most annoying thing in the world. “Fuck them”, COUCHSURF says. “Learn from your mistakes and grow at your own pace. Live life, Fuck up, Grow from it, and Love Yourself. That’s it!”

COUCHSURF is very “much-so a story based writer” and he sees things like a TV show or movie scene play out in his head and he tries to capture what that would sound like in a song. None of what happens in the video actually happened to COUCHSURF in life, but he figures the story could inspire confidence in someone who has made mistakes like these.

COUCHSURF started writing the opening riff idea for bass and was like, “Damn, this could be really dope.” So, COUCHSURF recorded it and started fiddling with melodies in a place he had set up with studio equipment to record rap artists in Atlanta. “811 Inc to be exact. They are dope as hell check them out,” COUCHSURF expresses. COUCHSURF traveled to Nashville to live in the van for a while and ended up finishing his song there. COUCHSURF sent it to his producer, Aaron Pace, and Aaron loved it. COUCHSURF traveled back to Atlanta last August to record Kung Fu and “boom here we are!”

COUCHSURF believes it is important for himself to write something outside of his own comfort zone. COUCHSURF didn’t write this very song with the expectation of it being some kind of hit. COUCHSURF wrote the song for his own happiness. COUCHSURF’s first goal is to release a pop rock EP and move on toward funky pop music. Kung Fu was different than anything else COUCHSURF was writing at the time and felt this single showed that step towards his vision more than some of the others he was working on.

COUCHSURF has one more song to release from his forthcoming pop rock styled EP. COUCHSURF is saving that song for last. COUCHSURF felt “Kung Fu” would be the best release leading up to the next song. “It really sets the mood for what is to come”, COUCHSURF reveals.

To coincide with the release of the “Kung Fu”, COUCHSURF has put together a music video that showcases the artist living it up in New York City. In fact, COUCHSURF himself recently moved to New York City and scored some amazing clothes at local thrift stores. COUCHSURF “wanted to showcase the wild outfits he was putting together” and the music video was the perfect opportunity to achieve that very thing. COUCHSURF picked “out five drastically different styles” and filmed the video individually for each. COUCHSURF “made this video with $0 and it came out awesome in my opinion!”, COUCHSURF humbly expresses.

As mentioned, I always base songs on movies I see in my head and so I could have filled out a $10,000 budget with the vision, but I’m happy with the idea I brought to life. I basically just wanted to get the point across that I love my style and myself. I could care less what anyone else has to say about it.

2020 looks to be a good time as any for COUCHSURF to continue his legacy, as he is currently “working on a full length funky pop album” in New York City. He has one more pop rock song to release in March/April, and COUCHSURF is “also writing with several artists and helping them prepare for their upcoming releases.” COUCHSURF suggests checking out Lexis Yelis & Justin Morrison (811 Inc). “They are going to be dropping some SERIOUS heat this year. 2020 is going to be a year of growth and execution to make sure all of our dreams become a reality!”

When COUCHSURF was 11-years-old, he picked up the acoustic guitar that his Dad had in the basement of their house and the addiction began. COUCHSURF started singing around the age of 13 and realised he had a gift, so COUCHSURF started his mission of becoming a professional in the music industry. COUCHSURF went to University of Georgia, Atlanta for Music Business/Marketing and started seriously writing with people in 2014. COUCHSURF eventually decided to live in his van and be homeless to pour everything he had into a music career. Music is the thing that makes COUCHSURF happiest in life.

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