Evie Balfe is a singer/songwriter, experimenting in a little bit of ethereal indie pop music, with influences from the likes of London Grammar, Lorde and Radiohead; just to name a few. When Evie isn’t performing as a solo artist, Evie is the lead singer of British three-piece electronic indie outfit Paint Factory.

Born in Lincoln, England, the London-based native recently released her debut 5-track EP “Losing Our Gravity“, an EP about exploring the theme of loss and addressing issues around societal pressures, expectations and mental health.

Evie has been singing for as long as she can remember and she was originally working towards a musical theatre career. However, after a year at drama school, Evie decided it wasn’t for her and she missed the creativity in writing her own music. Evie has has been developing her musical knowledge and songwriting skills ever since and know that music is all she wants to do.

Speaking on the release of the EP, Evie tells Eat This Music how she feels “a huge sense of accomplishment” and also “pride” to finally have out a body of work that she put all of her energy into and for other people to finally hear the music she has been creating for so long. Evie incorporated a lot of her very own life into the production of the EP. One of the singles, “The Lights” was written when Evie was “feeling an enormous pressure to look” and to “be a certain way” and she would compare herself to others on social media.

Run For Your Mind” is a song that came about after Evie experienced grief from losing a close family member to Alzheimer’s and the other songs, “Losing Our Gravity” and “Remember” were written when Evie was feeling like she had lost her childlike imagination and innocent joy and was trying to find that again.

Evie’s creative process spanned over a couple of years and consisted of individual improvisation on her loop pedal or piano most of the time. These ideas were then developed and enhanced through collaboration with other creatives such as her other project Paint Factory, James Albarn and Jake Raywood.

Making Losing Our Gravity was very important for Evie, she wanted to release the music that she had been keeping to herself for so long. Evie generally struggles with self confidence issues and she would always favour performing and releasing music with her own band rather than by herself. However, Evie recently had a tough year and her drummer broke his ankle in the Spring which slowed the band’s progress down, so Evie saw a perfect opportunity to challenge herself and work on her very own project while everything else was quiet at the moment in her life. So far the response to the EP has really helped give her confidence a boost and convinced her to keep going.

“At the same time as this, I lost my grandma and so therefore I decided to work on my own project and release it now in memory of her.”

Evie had been working on a number of songs using improvisation and childhood games to help create the music. Therefore she had a lot of music to choose from. However, Evie felt like after working on all the songs she had completed, the five on the EP felt the most well rounded and ready to release and represented her sound the most. The lyrics for these songs also had the strongest emotional connection to Evie.

Evie organised a group improvisation jam session with some of her friends in which they created a twenty minute improvised song and recorded it. Evie did initially think about developing the ideas from this into songs for the EP. However, the five songs on the EP are sufficient enough.

Evie gave fans a taste of the EP with the release of “Remember”, Evie explained that Remember stood out to her as the strongest song on the EP and she had made a decision to only release one single prior to releasing the EP. Evie believes Remember represented the EP really well as it encompassed the overall EP themes of loss and societal pressures within the lyrics and helped to establish her sound. Evie never wanted to release a different single. Evie had no doubt in her mind that she wanted Remember to be the single, it is her personal favourite song on the EP.

2020 looks to be a big year for Evie, as she is currently writing a lot and working towards developing new material for her next project and looking to start gigging her EP in and around London. Evie also has a lot planned with her band Paint Factory. They have already recorded two singles to release in the first half of 2020, including live videos and music videos to accompany them.

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