2019 has been an incredible year for music, not just from Australia but also throughout the United States, the UK and Canada. This year has featured some of the most varied genres of music and artists, representing rock, pop, hip-hop, indie, alternative and electronic.

So I wanted to share with you a list of some of my favourite songs of 2019 – whether written about on the website or played on the radio program – featuring the likes of Rachel K Collier, Don Broco, Art vs Science, XYLO, Empara Mi, Lime Cordiale, CXLOE, Polatropica, Anna Wolf, Uffie, Memphis LK, KLP, Gidon Schocken and many others – even though, it was difficult to keep it to a certain amount of songs.

I played the majority of these songs on the radio program last Wednesday night, however, you can find a dedicated playlist of songs – including those not included in this post – below:

The following list of songs are in no particular order:

“Show Me The Way (feat. Filippo Fabbri, Tahel & Ori Lichtik)” by Gidon Schocken

Coming off the release of Gidon Schocken‘s brand new LP ‘Immerse‘, out now, the Israel native uses the platform of one of the lead singles ‘Show Me The Way‘ to explore the “fragility of life” and “how death can sometimes be sudden and abrupt.”

“Push” by KLP

In the later part of 2019, Sydney-based pop artist KLP released her debut album ‘Giver‘ and ‘Push‘ was a tast of what the album has to offer; “Push” is a song KLP wanted to make “that was tough and made” KLP “want to dance but also sing at the top of” her lungs! I had the opportunity to chat to KLP in 2019 about the single.

“Why Don’t You Just Call Me” by Antony & Cleopatra

Antony & Cleopatra spoke to Eat This Music on the release of “Why Don’t You Just Call Me”, explaining that they felt “‘Why Don’t You Just Call Me’ is the most distilled song” of their to start off with. They “knew that there was a special thing about when people were reacting with love from first listen – so we’d best start there and then go to the more esoteric releases after that.”

“Can’t Hold Us Back” by Polartropica

Polartropica is an electro-pop artist out of California and in 2019 she released her new single ‘Can’t Hold Us Back‘, after having played ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’ on the radio program back on 4th September 2019, I just wanted to get to know more about ‘Can’t Hold Us Back’, and also exactly who Polartropica is as an artist, so I recently did a Q&A with the her, which you can read here.

“Jesus” by Lee Bowie

Coming off the release of Lee Bowie’s debut album “We Come In Piece”, I learned that Lee Bowie is a “spirit-person, a duo and a band” out of Sweden and their 10-track album is an album full of “basslines and subliminal messages” Lee Bowie explained to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A.

“RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)” by MONOWHALES

MONOWHALES are a band I discovered in the later part of 2019, and I am glad that I did. This gem of a song is everything you want in a pop release; it’s fun, makes you want to dance, easy to consume and doesn’t take itself too serious. Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single, Sally from MONOWHALES explained that people “can all relate to that pressure of thinking “I can’t let them down, they need me”, whether “you’re talking about a friend, work”, or even “letting yourself down, there is a lot of pressure in following through even if it means the worst for you.”

“yes & no” by XYLO

Xylø is an electro-pop artist out of Los Angeles and I share her EP back in June, mostly because it is only six-tracks and it contained really good vibes, sounds and an incredible insight into her music, and what she is about as an artist. The title track single ‘yes & no‘ is really good and gives off strong Billie Eilish vibes, and worth a listen in its own right.

“Mine” by Uffie

Here is a short, impactful pop anthem from United States-based electro-pop artist Uffie; it is titled ‘Mine‘ and it is nearly three minutes of deep, digi-pumping beats and sparkly melodic vocals. Speaking on the inspiration of the brand new single, Uffie explains how Mine was inspired by “all the possibilities and promises of adventure and mystery” that warm weather brings.

“Intentionally” by Taylor Grey

Following on from the release of Taylor Grey’s 2018 EP ‘Grey‘, Taylor Grey returned with a finely tuned, acoustic pop anthem that essentially explores the story of modern love. Speaking on the release of Intentionally, Taylor explore show she has “had this song” in her” back pocket for over a year and a half,” where she was “always playing it live at shows, just waiting for the right moment to officially release it.”

“Should’ve” by Dude York

Dude York‘s third studio album has been released today via the folks over at Hardly Art. To say this is a sublime album would be an understatement. Dude York’s “Falling” is a collective assortment of feelings, consistent and persistent vibes of alternative rock goodness. Featuring tracks like “Unexpected“, “How It Goes“, “Let Down” and “I’m the 1 4 U“, the three-piece out of Seattle, Washington, have put together a solid 13-track album.

“Happier” by Maria Neckam

Maria Neckam is an indie-pop artist out of Brooklyn and recently the New York native released her new single ‘Happier‘, a song Maria created during a time in her life when she “was in a period of major transitions”. Speaking to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A, Maria expressed how “everything seemed to be falling apart” and she “wasn’t sure how to figure things out, since many of” her own “challenges at that time came completely unexpected,” including things she never thought she “would have to deal with.”

“Speak Honestly” by Memphis LK

“Zeus In The Architecture” by Art vs Science

“Robbery” by Lime Cordiale

“All Messed Up” by Johnny Payne


“The Digital” by Elephant Heart

“Sucker Punch (feat. Outlaw the Artist)” by VenessaMichaels

“New Girlfriend” by Gia Woods

“Sister” by K.Flay

“The Dark” by Jocelyn Alice

“Used To Be” by Anna of the North

“Devil You Don’t” by CXLOE

“Why Do You Love Me” by Charlotte Lawrence

“Alone Together” by Anna Akana

“A Change of Heart” by Las Aves

“Drowning” by KUČKA

“WYGD” by Empara Mi

“Dinosaur” by Rachel K Collier

“Silence” by Anna Wolf

“Half Man Half God” by DON BROCO

“Turn The Light” by Karen O & Danger Mouse

“Just Okay” by JXN

“Bing (feat. Madge)” by Cubby

“No Answer” by Olivia Nelson

“Beyond The Grave” by Notelle

“GTFO” by Cubbi

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