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Plain Sails are Andy, Andy and Jake and recently the trio released a video for their single “When the Firing Stops//When the War Is Won”, a song about the darker, destructive side of love. The music video “illustrates the turmoil and cocktail of extreme emotions you go through on the inside of a failing relationship”, the band tells Eat This Music. On the track though, itself is upbeat, juxtaposed to the lyrical undertones. Plain Sails like to play with light and dark.

The story of the music video is “of a young couple playing out the narrative of the lyrics” and “portraying the extremes of emotion at both ends of the scale within a failing relationship”, the band explained to Eat This Music. The imagery and environments of the music video were “designed to illustrate solitude and togetherness”, while also touching on “pain and elation in equal measure” throughout. And the “performance is a tale of love lost, found and perhaps lost again” – and leaving it to the viewer to decide what is current, what is memory and in what order the events unfolded.

It was essentially important to the band that they maintained an “emotional link” and also “separation was forefront before the characters” and also “the two actors did a superb job of bringing this to life in a really believable way”. The band “needed a major pinnacle moment (you’ll have to watch the video to see what it is!) surrounded with scenes that built the story of the relationship” and exploring its history and also “the editing & colouring team built the atmosphere once the shoot was complete.”

As with all of their tracks, the lyrics to the songs are very personal and biographical in a sense. And that is no different with “When the Firing Stops//When the War Is Won”, as it was written completely from personal experience. Creatively though, Andy C wrote the bones of the track; which included the lyrics, melodies and chord progressions and then he took it to the rest of the band. Andy T and Jack also “had a big input with” the production of the single, “re-structuring parts of the song that” Andy C was struggling with. “When the Firing Stops//When the War Is Won” “came quickly” and the band wrote it just after they had released their previous single, so the turnaround was pretty rapid.

For Plain Sales though, the single was “really important get out”, both because the band felt this was a strong track and because they also wanted to follow the success of their previous two singles. “2019 has been a good year for us and we wanted to maintain the momentum”, the band expressed.

“Listeners can expect something slightly different from us with this track; we move more boldly with a bigger synth influence, exploring new territory whilst retaining what has become our trademark big sound, particularly in the choruses.”

The band have a big 2020 planned, as they are currently “currently in the studio writing new material” for 2020 and want to have their first single out pretty early in 2020. Plain Sails are also looking to release an EP later in the year too.

Plain Sails have been creating music all of their lives. Andy, Andy and Jack “caught the bug as young teenagers” and they “followed different musical paths” that lead them together a few years ago. For Plain Sails, music is their “way to connect, express and create” and it is “difficult to imagine doing anything else with the same passion.”

“Our creative process is inspired primarily by emotion, that feeling you get in your gut when a lyric, melody or beat moves you.”

Plain Sails “write from personal experience”, and a lot of it is actually quite dark and introverted at times, and also “explores pain, love and the stresses” and delves into how strains “can place on your personality” and evidentially ones mental wellbeing. Music is an avenue of release for the band in many ways. Despite how it sounds Plain Sails are a positive bunch and their musical “influences really drive” them, and although their writing can be emotionally charged, “musically we love to build textures, soundscapes and driving energetic moments to pull you in different directions and make you think about what you’ve heard. It’s our way of expressing who we are and what moves us”, the band concludes.

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