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Violet Days is a pop artist out of Stockholm, an alter ego, a stage persona and the creature that tells all of Violet Days deepest secrets.

Recently Violet Days released her sophomore seven-track EP “Lovers & Losers”, an EP all about “the stages in a relationship with a friend” or “a lover” and yourself.

“All these songs represent certain feelings that I’ve been going through over the last years. From the butterflies in the beginning when you first meet someone, to the stage of feeling lonely or taken for granted, to then feeling confused, angry or sad, to loosing someone and then trying to get over it, to the stage when you’re finally OK with it being over.”

Violet Days called the EP “Lovers & Losers” because it sums up the stories in all of the seven songs, and “the confusion in sometimes not knowing what to label something.”

A lot of Violet Days’ life played in the creation of the EP, in fact, Violet Days revealed to Eat This Music that she always likes to “write from personal experiences” and likes to keep her song writing real and essentially writing songs for her “is something very therapeutic.”

The creative process of the EP was “different from song to song,” Violet Days admits that the creation of this EP “took a year”, as some songs were “written in Los Angeles” and “some in Stockholm”, Sweden. Violet Days “had a very emotional year with a lot of ups” and also downs, which the songs in the EP also represent. Kris [producing partner] spent a lot of time on the production side of the EP and Violet Days is thankful for the work he did on it, as she believes he took it to the next level.

“It’s always important for me to get my songs out and I do love the concept of an EP or album. It’s fun to create a world where many songs can make sense together and build a full story around them. “

On the release of the EP, Violet Days admitted that it is “great to release more than just singles”, as she is “a fan of artists” that create more to the music than just songs”, and explained that creating the EP had been fun to visualise the visual concept of what is represents too.

As the EP only features seven songs, it is best to start from the very beginning – rather than choosing a favourite like “Afterparty” – as there is a central theme of the EP. Violet Days explains that if “you listen to the EP from top to bottom”, you will recognise that there is “a full story that runs through the whole EP”. Violet Days is hopeful listeners can expect to feel something.

After you listen to the EP, Violet Days has a distinctive list of various other singles to listen to, Violet Days admits that it is a tricky for her to answer that specific questions, as she is “constantly in the world” of her own music, but Violet Days does suggest “Your Girl” and “Just a Little” or “INK”, as they seem to always make a good first impression on listeners. I don’t know Violet Days, maybe the songs are not as complicated as the others [laughs].

Violet Days still has a lot of time to discover herself as a musician and work on more new music. Violet Days revealed that she is currently “experimenting with a lot of new sounds” and is going to Los Angeles “for a few months in the New year” and is “very excited to create some new music now.” However, since she just “got back from tour”, she is “pretty tired”, and is gonna rest a lot in the meantime. Violet Days will also work for maybe two more weeks, then she will go home to her family for the Christmas holidays.

Nothing else ever mattered to Violet Days more than music. She feels like music just chose you, so she went with it.

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