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“Gladstone” is the new single from Toronto-based pop artist Blair Lee and it is a song that is “an interpretation of a certain state that often captures” Blair: one of extreme thoughts that consume her.

Following on from the release of Blair’s previous two singles “U” and “Brighter”, respectively, “Gladstone sees Blair bring together more of that slow-burning, pop-filled world building she has yet to fully explore.

“The refrain – Gladstone glass of wine, throw it out the window – is a reference to a conversation I had with a friend at the Gladstone in Toronto.”

Speaking on the release of the single, Blair explains that she was telling a friend how it was a particularly volatile time for her, that she had been having these episodes where she wanted to do things like throw all of her socks out of the window of the twentieth story of her boyfriend’s apartment just to watch them dance their way to the ground.

Working in collaboration with ModMaxx on the single, Blair has produced a different sounding single to her predecessors, with less focus on electronic pop and rhyming lyrics, and more focus on strong vocals and world building throughout. Together with ModMaxx in his apartment, where they worked to showcase and communicate a mood that still has a solid structure to the final product, rooted in repetitive patterns of Blair’s strong vocal range, digital drum beats, recurring lyrics of “Gladstone, Gladstone”, and much more.

“Gladstone” is the third taste of what is to come off Blair Lee’s forthcoming debut EP, due out for release early 2020.

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