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Asta is the midday sun, a packet of fun, sassy sweet and sour bubblegum… all rolled into one.

Following on from the release of Asta’s collaboration with Luke Million earlier this year on “Heard it on The Radio“, Australian pop artist Asta has returned with her first song of 2019 that is basically “just about this guy who was so hard to reach” and how that notion would just drive Asta crazy. Asta is “used to getting what she wants” and “couldn’t have him”, Asta recently told Eat This Music.

Speaking on the release of “Want You To Know!”, Asta told Eat This Music in a recent Q&A how it feels amazing to have “Want You To Know!” out and how “really great” it feels to “see people are still digging the funky vibe” she has put into it. The entire song is true to Asta’s life, Asta explained to Eat This Music how “it’s all true!” Asta finds “it really hard to make up stuff” when it come to writing music, so she believes that is why all her songs are about sex, cars and food.

It was important to Asta “that when people seemed to not like” what she was working on, she had to kind of fire them… Asta couldn’t let her “fans wait any longer” for a release, as her “mental health was declining pretty badly”, so “it was very important for me to get it out!” Asta expresses.

The creative process of “Want You To Know!” was fun for Asta. “Just so so fun,” Asta expressed, as there was lots “of dancing and being so over the top.” Asta believes “that really came across in the track.”

“Like screw it this is so unapologetically pop, let’s just go all in and not hold back on the fizz and shine.”

On why Asta wanted to release “Want You To Know!” now, Asta explained that she felt like she would show her friends the demos she had been working on and “the response would always be like, you gotta release this one! It’s so infectious.” Also, Asta “didn’t want to be sad over christmas and the holidays [laughs]”.

Since the release of Asta’s 2017 “Shine” EP, Asta has “been touring lots with Cosmos Midnight in Asia”, which had been a super fun time for Asta. And also performing “in Tokyo was so sick,” Asta revealed that she would definitely like to go back for a shopping trip.

Coming up next for Asta is working on her “abs and fixing global warming”, then probably her “2nd, 3rd and 4th single!”

What else is there to say about Asta that hasn’t been said already? Asta can make one hell of a bop – which she has proved many times before – and can showcase a fantastic version of what she proclaims pop music to be.

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