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Eat This Music has been a fan of Australian electronic artist/DJ Tina Says ever since the release of her second single ‘Sweat‘ back in 2017, since then, Tina Says has gone on to release ‘With Me‘, also in 2017; ‘Spin‘, and her latest single ‘Elevate‘, which is essentially a bouncy electronic anthem about the evolution of one of Australia’s brightest and creative artists.

Who is Tina Says though? Well, Tina admits that is a hard question to answer [laughs]. The “past few years were difficult” for Tina. She admits she lost someone close to her, and then she had a run of things thrown her way that made her “too broken to handle”, which kind of also made her lose her identity.

“I guess aside from being a tech, progressive house lover that wants to make people dance. I want to be an authentic, down to earth person who can inspire people to do anything they dream of. To help people out of hard times and show there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

That is why Tina Says has decided to donate money from her Body Control series to Mettle Women inc, “to help women who have been through domestic and family violence,” Tina explains. Tina reveals that hearing “the stories from these women and their strength getting out of it – was heartbreaking” and it was also inspiring. Tina believes a lot of us “forget how privileged” and “lucky we actually are” to have “loving families, partners and friends.” And a “roof over our heads and the idea that we can basically do anything we want with our lives.”

Eat This Music recently had the opportunity to have a chat with Tina Says about the release of the latest single in her strong stable of tracks that essentially works as a platform for Tina Says to elevate herself to a new level. On ‘Elevate’, Tina Says expresses how it “feels so great” and relieving to release another single, “it has been a year since” Tina has “released any new music” and she has “been sitting on this one for a while now.”

“It’s [Elevate] the first single off my new record deal with Tinted Imprint so it’s been amazing to see how their team, my team and myself gel for a release. Plus the heat around the release has been amazing to see, especially all the people who came to my set at Habitat Garden Party and were yelling out for Elevate!”

With any single, inspiration for many artists comes from a similar place. Tina expresses how the majority of artists “are all influenced by so much” in their lives, including how they feel, what they are listening to, what they are thinking and what they are currently inspired by. ‘Elevate’ is song that “came as a bit of relief to battling a few of life’s lemons” and the excitement Tina got at all her future prospects!

Tina admits that the creative process for ‘Elevate’ “was an easy flow”, as sometimes tracks can “take ages to come together and they aren’t any good” but as it is evident in the final product, “this one came together really fast.”

In our Q&A, Tina explained that it is “never important to” just “make one track” or “one single,” as it is “just important to be in the studio experimenting” and “seeing what comes out of” those sessions. ‘Elevate’ is a single Tina admits “did have the focus to be a club heater” so she “had a club dance structure” in her mind but she “wrote quite a few tracks with this in mind before ‘Elevate’ came together. ”

For a while Tina “wanted to write a club heater that” got her “excited to play out in her sets, and with hope, other DJs would get the same feeling from it.

Tina and her manager knew ‘Elevate’ “was a solid track for release,” they have “been sitting on it since earlier in the year” and after ‘Elevate’ was sent around to a few labels”, it wasn’t until “Tinted imprint was all over it” and “wanted to work with Tina. Then Tina “had to wait until all the deal was signed and the assets were done before choosing and the date and that’s when this release date came about. Great way to end the year I think! [Laughs].”

This year has kept Tina Says busy personally and professionally, as Tina told Eat This Music, “it honestly took a few months of sitting back and re-evaluating everything before” what she wanted to do became clear.

“I’m sitting on top of a lot of music but they are all different styles and fit into different worlds. I guess I loved experimenting and different genres and it was a good way to learn all areas of production.”

Once Tina “had nutted out a plan” with her manager – she “wanted to get a label and start aiming for bigger, and more constant releases.” “I’ve been in the studio a lot this year to refining my skills,” Tina adds.

Tina expressed to Eat This music that she had also “been suffering from depression and anxiety,” and this year she “really came on top” of it, which she never thought was possible, “I won’t lie it takes heaps of energy and dedication to get better,” Tina admits. “I think once I was in a good place, everything I wanted to do fell into place. I hope through my experience I can help and inspire others,” Tina concludes.

Tina Says is an incredible, young artist that has a whole lot to offer, and with more music to come out in 2020, Eat This Music is looking forward to joining Tina Says on the ride to her inevitable rise within the music industry.

Find Tina Says online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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