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GOLA is “a peaceful fighter from the Middle East” and music changed her life. GOLA hopes “to make a difference for those who were born free”, but “now live under restrictions and rules created by previous generations.” GOLA “was born in Iran,” a “beautiful place with amazing history,” and “a kingdom of 2500 years.” Forty “years ago everything changed in Iran after a revolution… by people”, what “you create today is going to effect many generations).”

Following on from the release of ‘The Line‘ in 2018, GOLA has returned with an emotional song with heart, meaning and a beautiful message to share. In GOLA’s own works, ‘Now You Know is a song “about walking away from the limitations” and “restrictions that authority has created in life.”

“I believe nobody knows better than you what is best for you, no one should be telling anyone else what to do or what not to do. You are the main authority in your life and you must run your show.”

‘Now You Know’ is 100% inspired from GOLA’s own life, GOLA tells Eat This Music that living “in Iran was tough”, however, it taught her so much and made her who she is today. “I suffered limitations in many ways,” GOLA expresses, as “many do in Iran”, but ‘Now You Know’ “specifically relates to being pushed towards religion by people in power.” GOLA believes “pushing people towards something can have the opposite effect” in life. GOLA “had to wear scarf at the age of 7 in order to go to school” and “get an education”, GOLA had “to pray in school everyday at a certain time after” she turned Nine. GOLA remembers a time when she “used to hide in the toilet at praying time.”

When GOLA “was a teenager” she “came close to getting sentenced to 80 lashes because” she “was arrested at a party drinking alcohol.” However, according to GOLA, the “biggest loss of freedom” for her, “was that despite” her “being a female singer”, she “was not allowed to perform solo in public”, and after “experiencing these limitations”, GOLA felt that she “had to walk away.”

“I am fighting for the day that every girl, woman…actually every being has freedom of choice regardless of religion, gender, or where they are born.”

GOLA dreams “for the day that all human beings have free will.”

GOLA loves working with her well oiled machine x team team. GOLA never has a specific process though, GOLA “tends to start with how” she is “feeling in the moment, or sometimes” she recalls “a feeling from” her past. The song “writing process and creating music is a release and hopefully sends out a message to women all over the world.”

GOLA follows a “spiritual principles and when an idea or feeling comes” to her, it is important for her “to sing it loud.” GOLA hopes ‘Now You Know’ and its “message will serve some purpose.”

“The sooner we realise limitations in our lives, the sooner we can make a change. So the time to act is always NOW!”

GOLA expresses that nothing “is more powerful than music”. GOLA studied “Music Psychology” and music “is an international language.” GOLA can sing in Farsi” and “if a girl from the other side of the globe likes the sound, she will listen.” Music can change “people’s lives” and “Music is the only medium that exists in every stage of our lives.” From birth mothers sing “lullabies, to celebrate birth we sing Happy Birthday, we listen to music throughout our lives,” and even when “we are happy, sad, angry, frustrated, in love, heart broken, at weddings, in shops, restaurants,” Music is constant. It is “always with us”, everywhere. Music is essentially “the only art form that can immediately change people’s behaviour,” and GOLA believes “music can change our future.”

GOLA doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, as GOLA is currently in the studio working on new music for 2020 and beyond. Stay tuned for more.

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