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Reilly Stapleton is a singer-songwriter out of Melbourne and “recording artist, producing music described as dark-pop.” Reilly’s “deep and emotional lyrics allow her audience to create an image filled with colour and honesty.”

Reilly Stapleton “has never been good at speaking about her feelings” or for that matter her “thoughts submerged in her mind,” however, “at a young age” Reilly “discovered the ability to articulate these thoughts through her music.” This is “why her audience can always expect a truthful perspective into the singers mind” and also “an opportunity to capture her most raw notions” and “reflections, some of which can be perceived in a relatable aspect to those who let the words speak to them.”

Following on from the release of Reilly’s 2018 single ‘Lost Mind‘, ‘Impulse‘ sees Reilly reflect on the “constant battle between your negative impulsions” and also your “inner consciousness that provides you with a positive moral compass.”

“It uses violence, anger and control in order to convey this unavoidable conflict. When somebody has a short tolerance of anger they can withstand, it is generally our consciousness that holds us back from lashing out.”

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single and creation of the music video, Reilly expressed that it feels absolutely “amazing” and she is “completely overwhelmed with how wonderful this whole process has been”, and “to now officially have everyone scared” of her or at “least slightly more freaked out is the best.”

Going into details on the creation of ‘Impulse’, Reilly tells Eat This Music that the single “was developed on a music trip away to Apollo Bay” with her friends, Lauren, Michael and Ronyon. The chords of the single “came about throughout one writing session that” the four of them had and Reilly “thought that it was a really cool sounding progression.” The lyrics for the song took Reilly “a little bit longer to write than normal” as Reilly “had to find a happy medium between absolutely crazy lady and too soft for the vibe” that she was trying to convey.

Eventually Reilly “found the lyrics that best expressed the message” she was trying to say and that is how the “skeleton of Impulse was born!”

Along the way Reilly “worked closely with Terry Hart,” who is a “a fantastic producer, to enhance the sound and lay down some killer instrumentals” of the single, this is “when impulse really started to flesh out and become the dark creepy track that you hear today” with the final product.

Touching on the relevance to her own life, Reilly stated that a lot of her own personak life played on the creation of ‘Impulse’. In fact, Reilly admits she was “definitely an angry little teen” and that “has come through quite a bit in this song,” however, Reilly wrote the song when she “was in a quite angry place” in her life as well. So to “be able to express the entire, thing through a song is absolutely fantastic”, Reilly expresses.

“I was able to conjure a lot of the negative feelings and just release all that energy into the music.”

On releasing the single, Reilly expresses the importance of making the single all together, Reilly “had really been itching to release more music: and “there was just something special about” ‘Impulse’, everyone Reilly knew just “seemed to just resonate with this” single “a little bit differently to any” of Reilly’s previous tracks, “which was amazing to see!” Being able to “really build on this track” and also “watch it flourish to its full potential was an amazing experience” for Reilly professionally and personally.

‘Pulse’ was a huge way for Reilly “to get all of the anger” she had out. Self-admittedly, Reilly is “not good with expressing” her “words and emotions to people.” Which you wouldn’t have guessed by how the music video turned out, however Reilly adds that if she “put it in song form,” it allows her “to just have a big release” and it also “allows other people to understand something they may potentially not have understood before.” Reilly just also believes the single “holds an important message that people will really want to listen to and relate, if not uncover and dissect.”

‘Pulse’ not only works as a platform for Reilly to tell her new story, but also as an avenue for Reilly to explore new music and try something different. Reilly explained to Eat This Music that the timing was right to release the single, as she was “well overdue to release something that expressed and showcased” her new vibe and sound. Reilly needed something that separated herself “from the old Reilly and really began developing the idea” of who she is as an artist. “It was also Halloween and this is a very gruesome and dark track, so really, the two went hand in hand,” Reilly adds.

To get her message across, Reilly released a music video for ‘Impulse’, featuring her character somewhat getting revenge on those that have done her wrong in the past, Reilly’s “messed-up mind thought of the brutal track randomly one day” and “decided that it would definitely be an interesting and captivating storyline.”

Speaking on the aesthetics of the video, Reilly explained that the “colours were used in order to create a severe contrast between” herself and the “rest of the characters.” So, Reilly had everyone else “in light and bright colours”. Then you see Reilly “in darker colours and harsher makeup,” making sure “there is a strict difference,” and “not only in behaviour” but also “in mentality as well.” The music video “also made the blood stand out, which was fantastic! Splash of red!”

Both the “song and the music video are over-exaggerated versions of the emotion and the meaning that” Reilly “was trying to create.” Reilly believes that the music video and single were “both executed perfectly” and “the video really complimented the lyrics in the song.” Although, “everything is more emphasised,” however, Reilly thinks “that was really well conveyed in the visuals” and also “the storyline of the video.” The music video “may even potentially assist people in understanding the song better.”

When Eat This Music first saw this video, Reilly’s character was of particular interest, without knowing what the story was about, it is common to assume that Reilly’s character is just a horrible person, however, that is not the case, in fact, there is a reasoning as to why Reilly’s character does what she does. Expanding on our assuming, Reilly explains that Reilly’s character does those things because “she has been pushed to her absolute limits” and “although she has attempted to remain calm and do everything right by her guests,” the eventual “infuriation that she holds towards them becomes too much for her mind to handle.” In the end Reilly’s character “believes that the only way to restore the peace in her head is to stop the insanity that she encounters around her.” And in the character’s eyes, it is “a way of keeping the peace and the calm clarity within her life, unbeknown to the chaos that she has caused around her,” evidently “her impulse really did take control” in the end. It is “almost as if she had no other choice.”

For the remainder of 2019 you can find Reilly Stapleton holding up a residency over at God’s Kitchen in Mornington, Victoria – her last resident is 3rd December. Reilly assures visitors that she has a “really bad habit of saying whatever comes” to her mind when she gets on stage, So in saying that, her audience “could expect anything.” Admittedly, Reilly talks “the most shit when” she is “staging front and centre in front of a whole group of wonderful people!” However, music wise, visitors “can expect to bare witness to a passionate, energy driven, dark yet quirky show!”

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