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Candy is an artist Eat This Music has been following since the release of his 2018 single “Validation‘, off his 2018 album ‘Waiting For You“, since then, Candy has gone on to release subsequent singles “Feel“, “Familiar“, “Sorry, Sydney” and “Give It Up” in the lead up to Candy’s fourth album “Everything In Motion“.

Eat This Music had the opportunity to catch up with Candy on the release of his fourth album “Everything in Motion”. Speaking on the release of the album, Candy expressed how great it feels to have the album out in the “big bad world.” On the release of the album, Candy seemed adamant on the subject mater, explaining that it is “about a lotta stuff, mainly self centred things though.” Essentially a “lot of stories/emotions/feeling from my gaze.”

On the relevant to his own life, Candy assures that some songs on the album “are straight outta” his own life, but “others are exaggerations / fabrications.”

“I think a good deal came from a place of honesty though but I wont lie a couple are just little old stories haha.”

The creation of “Everything in Motion” kept Candy quite busy, there is “a lot of sweat in this album”, Candy expresses. Candy “recorded all of it in this aluminium shed during winter” but “when it started getting warmer”, Candy stresses “it was a rough ride there for awhile. ” Most of the songs on the album “culminated in solidarity with an acoustic guitar” and Candy would “just layer stuff until” he “was reasonably happy with the outcome.”

On the importance of the album, Candy is not “sure how to answer” that question, he doesn’t “think it was necessarily important” but he is “constantly writing and once” he “hit a buncha songs that sound nice together” then he will “try and move on.”

Candy admits that he has “got a bit of a bad memory”, so “recording is this amazing outlet that allows” him “to document things” although he might “forget the process or the place or what it’s about”, it is still there in audio for him to recollect.

“Good a time as any since this world’s burning to the ground huh mightn’t get too many more chances to put my music out there.” — Candy on the timing of “Everything in Motion”

Still unsure of what to expect in the album? Candy assures listeners they can expect a “little bit of heart, a little bit of autotuned violin,” and also “a whole lotta whining.”

Candy is an underrated artist that showcases a great, and delightful display of bright rock, pop and soothing vocal range, even if some of the subject matter might not relate to you, you can appreciate the effort and the classy style portrayed by one of Australia’s best new artists.

To celebrate the release of the album Candy is heading out on the road from 22 November to 7 December for a three-show tour throughout Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Click the image below for more details.

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