Amy Swift is a British Singer and Songwriter from London, who is “real, honest, frank, and a lover of Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop, and thinks her “music reflects all of that.” Amy Swift wants “to write songs that people can relate to,” and to know that they are “not on their own in that feeling” and hopefully people “get comfort or feel empowered through listening” to her music, Amy feels like that is “what music is all about” and that is what Amy is here to do. Amy is “very honest, open and passionate as a person” and wants “to be the same as an artist,” Amy doesn’t want anyone to feel like they can’t sit down and have a chat and a cup of tea with” her.

Following on from the release of ‘The One‘ earlier in 2019, Amy Swift has returned with a passionate, and devoted follow-up to what is essentially a song about “being foolish” in love. Going into detail on the story of ‘Every Little Thing‘, Amy Swift tells Eat This Music that the song is about being caught up in love, “all consumed by it, and you can’t let go” of it. You “know it’s not good for you,” but the other person keeps “messing you about but you keep going back.”

“One of my favourite lines I wrote, which pretty much sums it up… ’Let go of love they told me, twice is enough and only a fool don’t give up on borrowed time'” Amy Swift on “Every Little Thing”

Amy is excited to finally have the song out, as she loves this song, “it’s very close to my heart and I love the vocals on this”, Amy expresses. Amy had herself and a woman named “Angela Ricci of the Brand New Heavies on backing vocals to really get those gorgeous warm sweeping harmonies.”

Touching on the relevance to her own life, Amy revealed to Eat This Music how she feels like her life plays in the creation of all of her songs [laughs]. Amy “was feeling very reflective at the time” she wrote ‘Every Little Thing’, essentially looking at her relationship, which was hard for Amy. Writing this single and “getting it out was so therapeutic” for Amy, and in doing so gave her “the power to actually say no this isn’t for me and finally end it”, Amy admits.

The creative process for Amy is “always so much fun”, and that mentality was no different for ‘Every Little Thing’. Amy explains that she “was working with” her friend and long term collaborator Nadeem at the time, and they “would go round to his flat in North London” and “just jam over the weekend, the single “came out as just” Amy’s “vocals and keys at first,” and then over time Amy and Nadeem “gradually developed it further. Playing around “with different sonics and sounds” Amy knew she wanted the single “to sound warm and have those harmonies in it.”

“I grew up on a lot of Motown, with the likes of The Delphonics in there, and was inspired by them on this track.”

Amy believes it is “always important to share your music.” It is an “art and an expression,” and Amy always feels “like music is such a magical thing that as human beings” everybody “can all relate to and connect through.” Amy wanted to put out this single as she knew there are “a lot of people out there” in the world “that have been in this position” [of foolish love] and “would relate to it” as they have “felt the same” before. There is “empowerment in sharing our experiences and talking about them, and music is such an amazing way of doing that”, Amy expresses.

Amy Swift is an artist that won’t be slowing down anytime soon, Amy admits to Eat This Music that she has a lot more music… always more music in the works [laughs]. Amy is “working with some truly amazing producers over” there in the UK at the moment and she is “excited by what” they are creating, Amy really feels like it is her “best work yet,” so she cannot “wait to share it with you all.” Also coming up Amy has “been invited to” Los Angeles “to work with some awesome producers”, which will be great Amy assures Eat This Music.

“A lot of my fanbase is in the US, and so the plan is to be able to do a mini tour at some point, so watch this space!”

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