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Eat This Music first caught wind of Melbourne’s The Omega Point last week when pointed in the direction of their delightful debut EP ‘Reservoir‘. ‘Reservoir’ is a five-track EP full of smooth beats, guided transitions and solid back-and-forth vocal work from the project’s leads Paul and Alexandra.

The Omega Point expressed to Eat This Music how great it feels now that the EP is out, because they “worked hard to find” their sound and it “being the first set of songs that” they “worked on together,” it was “a technical learning process for both” Alexandra and Paul.

The Omega Point’s ‘Reservoir’ is “like diving into a pool of sounds,” it is “surreal, it’s dark, it’s fun, it’s contemplative,” with The Omega Point questioning why “We live in the robotic way that we are living when we are fluid, undefinable organisms with dreams and emotions.”

After listening to the entirety of The Omega Point’s ‘Reservoir’, Eat This Music just had to learn more about The Omega Point, so a Q&A was set up. Speaking to Eat This Music on what ‘Reservoir’ is all about, The Omega Point expressed that it “observes society’s behaviour,” and how “it has sublimated one form of blind faith for another”, including the matter of “institutionalised religion for materialism for example,” ‘Reservoir’ also reflects “on technological acceleration, isolation” and the “destruction of ecosystems” that are unfolding.

“It’s sick that we create problems and screw things up to then enjoy finding solutions for the problems we created, though I hope we can stop doing this and realise was perfect as it was. “

On the relevance to their own life, The Omega Point explained that a “whole lot of personal (and collective) existential angst was channeled through the songs”, as they “are questioning” themselves and how they “contribute to the above mentioned pathos” and “considering how” they could live more minimalistically.

In the initial stages of the EP, “playfulness is something that is super important for” the duo, they “often come up with” their “most unique musical ideas by singing as different characters or in funny voices”. And after that they “get a bit more serious” and then “go very deep into the mixing process,” which is essentially by “often driving” themselves “quite mad until” they “remember that a song will, more often than not, never feel finished.”

Making the EP was very important for The Omega Point, as the EP is a “reflection on the state of the world right now” for Alexandra and Paul, and their “fears of what is to follow if humanity doesn’t break some bad habits,” essentially “creativity is a way to process the apprehension, if it resonates with a listener that’s the ideal outcome.”

An EP was the perfect format at this stage as we were finding our sound making music together, though within that experimentation we found a way to conceptually bring it all together

To coincide with the EP, The Omega Point released a music video for the title track off the EP. Speaking on the video of ‘Reservoir’, Alexandra and Paul explained that the video was “initially developed out of a fascination with medieval alchemical illustrations”, touching on “the symbols and allegory of medieval alchemy teachings” and how they are “an amazing starting point for the creative process.” That is where “the inspiration for the colours came from, every single colour used in the video represents something.”

However, The Omega Point didn’t create the music video alone. In fact, it is “very important to mention that they” co-directed “the video with Berlin artist Hadas Hinkis, who “had a huge role to play” with how “the video turned out.” She “hand made nearly all the props and costumes in the video (aside from the pieces made by Mary Benson and Andrew Yates).”

In the EP The Omega Point “talk about creative and destructive forces,” and “in the video the characters you see represent these” elements. The final scene of the music video, “which unfolds in an empty swimming pool,” represents the “earth’s depleting resources,” and “the process that unfolds there symbolises the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.”

The structure of the video works out for a reason, The Omega Point clarify on the story of the video, explaining that three “scenes take places simultaneously in 3 different realms,” and “the actions that take place in each mysteriously influence the others.” For an example, in “one of them a marriage ceremony takes place for the sun and moon represented by the figures in red and white”, and “in coming together they create a unified whole”

This music video was actually made “a couple of years ago” while the duo were in Berlin” and “at the time it was planned as part of a video series,” though they “didn’t quite have the resources necessary to execute the vision.” However, in “forthcoming videos some of the inspiration for this Reservoir video will carry through,” and now they “have new conceptual interests that will combine with these.”

Alexandra and Paul have a lot of time to expand as a band, learn about music, and essentially grow personally and professionally. The Omega Point are “really excited to start to enter those playful states again composing and preparing for their LP”, which will likely see them make another “Music video for the Reservoir material” and they will continue to work on the multimedia components of their live show.

Speaking of the live show, The Omega Point have a show in Sydney tomorrow night starting at 7.30pm at Freda’s. Click the image below to check out the gig.

Also on the horizon for The Omega Point is “a little East Coast tour” throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and then in Melbourne again”, which will include “the video projections, performance and spoken word” taking “the audience on a surrealist journey though the destructive impacts of the climate crisis.”

“Music is the glue that can bring so many modes of expression together, performance, style, video – it is the glue for building your own world. Music is vibration just like us. “

The Omega Point is a project of communication between” Alexandra, Paul and their audiences “with images, sound and theatre. “The music and media is created by Paul del Sol and Alexandra Moon,” who are also “joined by Mark Conroy and Billy Johnson in” their lives shows. “All the other amazing artists we collaborate with are in some sense The Omega Point also.”

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