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Marshes is a pop artist out of Australia and recently the Sydney-based singer/songwriter released her debut single “M.I.A.“, a song about “disappearing from the world when you feel overwhelmed” and subsequently “letting your friends down in the process.” However, with that said, MARSHES essentially “wanted to make light of” the situation.

Eat This Music had the opportunity to have a chat with MARSHES on the release of her single. MARSHES expressed that “certain people can relate” to her single, “sometimes avoiding phone calls is the easier option than having to explain what you’re going through” or even making “plans with someone that you really don’t know if you can show up for.” So what better than “to just disappear. Right? That’s easier”, MARSHES expresses.

MARSHES self-admits that she has “definitely disappointed people for those reasons” mentioned above, however, “you do learn how many good friends you actually have by the ones that care enough to be upset at you,” and “the ones that still stick around despite you shutting them out” of your life.

“Personally, putting out a single is a real F**k yeah moment for my soul. And writing M.I.A. was helpful to learn how to articulate a hard time.”

Musically though, MARSHES really digs “the subject matter of” ‘M.I.A.’ and MARSHES thinks it is “important for people to laugh at how we all get a little crazy. Especially musicians ha ha.”

Working with Xavier Dunn on ‘M.I.A.’, MARSHES expressed how much of a legend he is, since Xavier is someone “who can make a song out of anything.” Xavier Dunn “is always a good hang” and “he provided a safe place to be real” and also “silly” and according to MARSHES, “there was never any pressure with time,” so they “got to make something that was truly MARSHES.”

MARSHES expressed that she “owed it to” herself to make this single, she “was already writing and singing for everyone else” and was “like fuck it,” she “got shit to say” and has proved she “can do this”… so she did.

The timing of the release couldn’t be more better if it tried, the “stars aligned”. Essentially it just took MARSHES “a long time to firstly have the confidence to put” herself “centre stage” and “secondly to find the right people to help” and support her. “Now I’m working with a fantastic team”, MARSHES adds.

MARSHES will be keeping herself quite busy for the reminder of the year, revealing that she is currently working on a “live show” and her “very slight shade of tan which will be impossible to keep up”, even if she gets one.

Just by listening to “M.I.A.”, you can tell MARSHES has the skills to make one hell of a name for herself. Although, MARSHES admitted she has no idea why she chose music, she “was lucky to be gifted with it” and it is part of who” she is. “I’ve never been able to quit even when at times I’ve wanted to”, MARSHES concludes.

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