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Young Robin are a five-piece out of Western Australia and recently the Perth natives released their latest single ‘Tropical Punch‘, a song about being there for “somebody going through a time of self-doubt”.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single, Young Robin explain that ‘Tropical Punch’ additionally supports the aforementioned person by “reassuring them that they are worth more than they perceive themselves to be” and that “over time things will get better.” Young Robin feel great now that the song is out, as they have “put a lot of effort into recording” ‘Tropical Punch’ and “are super excited to share this moment” with their fans.

‘Tropical Punch’ was “written from personal experiences” the band “had with people in” their own lives “as well as having an outsider perspective on situations” they have been around.

“We hope ‘Tropical Punch’ can bring a positive outlook on life and send out the message to “keep your head up” in hard times.”

Going into detail on the creation of ‘Tropical Punch’, Young Robin tell Eat This Music that usually “someone will come up with a hook or riff,” to a song and then the band will “jam on that” part and “see where the music takes” them. After that part is out of the way, it is “all about refining the song before hitting the recording studio” for the vocals and the other elements of a song. However, for ‘Tropical Punch’, “it was honestly one of the most organic sessions” Young Robin have had. The band “had a riff down” and they were “just jamming what” they were essentially feeling and “all of a sudden” they “had a chorus, then a bridge” and then “finished the structure in about an hour.” ‘Tropical Punch” is a special song to Young Robin because it came along so smoothly and organically.

Young Robin have “some new members” so “being able to write” with these new members was important” to accomplish. The “lyrics are a little personal” and serve “as encouragement for people who may be feeling a little down” or even “in self-doubt.” It “was important to get a positive message out there”, which Young Robin have been able to accomplish with ‘Tropical Punch’.

Young Robin have been writing a lot since” their last release [Spaces] and they “thought it was time to put something out for” their own “personal creativity” and also for their fans. “So far, the success of the song is very encouraging”, the band express.

Still questioning yourself on who Young Robin are? Well, the band recommend their brand new single ‘Tropical Punch’ or ‘U’, however, “that’s a hard question,” for the band to answer. The band explain that the energy in ‘Tropical Punch’ and ‘U’ are amazing and “really showcases the band”, and what they have to offer.

Eat This Music has been a fan of Young Robin ever since the release of ‘Faker Faker’ back in 2016 and looking forward to what comes next from this underrated act.

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