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Lee Bowie is a “spirit-person, a duo and a band” out of Sweden and recently they released their debut 10-track album ‘we come in peace‘, an album full of “Basslines and subliminal messages” Lee Bowie explained to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of ‘we come in peace’, Lee Bowie expressed that the release of their debut album feels different from before. Like they have “previously only let people read individual pages” of their work but “now the entire magazine is out” for the world to hear.

However, the songs “themselves are questions like “could this be a way of looking at it?”. Lee Bowie actually “don’t know” what the album is about and they “don’t believe anyone” has “the RIGHT answer”, but if people “keep talking about it” then they might get somewhere. Lee Bowie are “fans of conversation” and they both believe that listening to someone and “trying to understand somebody is the opposite of going to war with them.”

“The album’s called “we come in peace” cause we don’t come with the “gospel of the god Lee Bowie”. We rather try to understand.”

Going into detail on the creative aspect of their debut album ‘we come in peace’, Lee Bowie express that most of the process of the album took place “in the studio” consisting of Lee Bowie talking and “playing with the bass until” they both stumbled “on to a topic that inspires” them both “enough to take thumb to screen.” Lee Bowie “didn’t have any rules regarding how the tracks were made (except maybe: don’t overdo it)”, however, “a lot of what they created ended up “being based on bass” and the electric guitar. And “obviously drums”, Lee Bowie assured Eat This Music.

This is an album that is important to “both Lee Bowie and the universe”, it is an album Lee Bowie didn’t create, they “just did it”. Expressing that sometimes “you just gotta do it” and because the album “was done” and “judging by the state of the world”, Lee Bowie were worried that” we [us] are “heading towards armageddon” and Lee Bowie “really didn’t wanna miss” their shot on releasing their work to the world.

Prior to the release of ‘we come in peace’, Lee Bowie gave listeners a sneak preview of the album with the releases of ‘Jesus‘, ‘Money‘, ‘Tubes‘ and a couple of other tracks, Lee Bowie explained that any “good event needs a countdown” and that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. What Lee Bowie have given listeners is a fantastic taste of the album, which showcases their diverse sounding nature and their strong production skills.

Right now the duo are in “Mexico looking for answers” and “inspiration for” their 2020 releases. Lee Bowie assure Eat This Music the “wait will be kept at a reasonable length.”

* Photo by Rebecka Häggblom

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