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Prior to writing about KLP’s debut album ‘Giver’, Eat This Music did not want to bother KLP with another interview so soon as we just came off one with her for the release of ‘Push‘ back in September, so I thought I would write something a little different and give the album the exposure it deserves.

Ever since the release of KLP‘s debut EP ‘Revolution‘ in 2013, the Sydney-based pop artist has been making a name for herself within the Australian music scene, and today all her hard work as an artist comes to a peak, with the release of KLP’s debut album ‘Giver‘.

KLP’s ‘Giver’ is a 12-track album full of emotions, and when Eat This Music had that chat with KLP back in September – for the release of her single ‘Push’ – at the time of the release, KLP told Eat This Music that there “is a little bit of everything”, including “club tracks”, and also “full songs with lots of vocals and stories.” To say the least, KLP is “pretty proud of how” the album “captures all the different sides of who KLP is” as an artist and also “the music” KLP loves to make.

Expanding on the previous statement, KLP expressed to Eat This Music how the album is about her life to be exact; “there are love songs to other people, love songs to myself, songs to dance to, songs to make you feel strong AF.” KLP hopes “it covers a few emotions.”

KLP’s above statement is an understatement. KLP’s debut album ‘Giver’ captures all the different sides of who KLP is as an artist; and is full of emotions, vibes, and offers a collection of stories for you to explore in each and every track for the entirety of the 46 minute runtime.

Below is a track-by-track breakdown of the album. And just for transparency reasons, what is written below is a mix of the media release that went out for the album and Eat This Music’s own words.

‘Heater’, was a song written in the peak of summer while KLP was pregnant with her first child, KLP produced and created the track in her home studio in Sydney. Heater is a great way to kick off the album, as not only does it offer you a high impact firs track, but it also sets itself apart from the rest – maybe just coming second behind ‘Push’.

‘Under the Influence’ flows nicely from ‘Heater’, keeping the listener dancing throughout its nearly four minute runtime, ‘Under The Influence’ sees KLP team up with the likes of Kilian & Jo on the track.

‘Giver’ is the album title track, and it features the vocals and collaborative effort of artist Dena Amy. The story of ‘Giver’ is about self value and making sure you know what you are worth.

Offering more of that bouncy, dance beat KLP has instilled in most of her music, ‘Get So Close’ continues the emotional journey of the album with this dance heavy anthem.

Continuing on with the dance theme, KLP’s next track ‘Swear I Lost Myself’ is a little bit more subdued, exploring what it’s like to lose yourself in a relationship.

Push‘ is the highlight of the album, in fact, it is Eat This Music’s favourite tack on the album. Click the title to read more about why, however, the single lends itself to being the perfect pump up track for the gym or the club; essentially a beat heavy motivational anthem for you to enjoy.

‘Avalanche’ is a surprise hit of the album. Having being written overseas, ‘Avalanche’ sees KLP showcase more of her finely tuned self empowering pop, complete with synths, keys, and over-arching vocal range. ‘Avalanche’ is one to go back to on multiple occasions.

‘Ghost’ is an interesting track, essentially the single is a song about what it’s like to be invisible in your own life. ‘Ghost’ is one of the most down to earth singles on the album – while not beat heavy as other songs on the album – that showcases a diverse sound for KLP to show off. The way KLP has managed to create a smooth, silent but electric atmosphere works well for what KLP is trying to say.

‘Stranded’ is another favourite of Eat This Music. While ‘Stranded’ does start off slow, the single’s story is emotional, strong and offers a lot more than just a song about the sacrifices people make to keep others in their lives happy, in fact, ‘Stranded’ is a song that KLP wants you to cry and dance to, before flowing into the next single, ‘Safe and Sound’.

‘Until I Find You’ is a strong way to end the album. Actually, ‘Until I Find You’ is not just another standard pop anthem, KLP has created a song that showcases her love for herself, her child, her life, and what she has created up until this point in her life. ‘Until I Find You’ is a song about her recent journey to become a mother, and KLP hits in on the head every single second of this three minute and 48 second song.

I hope you enjoy KLP’s debut album as much as I have, and not just because it s a fresh and shiny new album, but because KLP has put a lot of work into the album and it shows within each and every song on the album. Do not let this release slip by your ears.

KLP will be heading out on the road to celebrate the album. Dates can be found below.

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