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The last time Eat This Music covered LYYN was back in May when LYYN released her single ‘Our Place‘. Since the release of Our Place, LYYN has been working hard on her EP. As LYYN is currently “writing and recording songs through the next couple of months”, the yet-to-be titled EP is “in the early stages” and LYYN wants “to make sure” she is taking her “time to put out a project that reflects everything” she cares “about as an artist, a writer, and as a human.”

Coming off the forthcoming EP, is LYYN’s brand new single ‘Heat Wave‘, a song – LYYN tells Eat This Music – she was “inspired to write” on one “blisteringly hot day thinking about how the slow burn of a crush can be more exciting than everything that happens afterwards.”

“You know how the sensation of getting drunk on someone new starts slow and then comes out of nowhere? “Heat Wave” is my desire to capture that rollercoaster drop-like feeling.”

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of ‘Heat Wave’, LYYN expressed how great it feels to have the single out. Every time LYYN has a release, she is “stoked to finally be able to share the finished idea with everyone.” The “months and weeks leading up to this can be nerve wracking sometimes,” but “immediately there’s a sense of relief when it hits midnight” and the single is out.

Expanding on the above, LYYN explained to Eat This Music that she uses her “life experiences as a jumping off point” but also incorporates “other inspirations as well”, including but not limited to “film scenes, novels, photographs, music videos” and many other points of interest.

“It’s important for me to put together a cohesive story from start to finish that resonates and acts as a mirror.”

“The making of “Heat Wave” was interesting” though, because LYYN wanted to “experiment with writing a blatantly “sexy” song.” LYYN was initially nervous to go out of her comfort zone musically, but evidently, LYYN is glad she “pushed forward and had fun with” the single. Sexiness to LYYN can mean a certain kind of groove, so LYYN “started by playing around with the beat” and made sure this “was the kind of track that made people’s bodies want to move.” Also, LYYN “worked hard to build that sudden swell into the chorus as a representation of the rollercoaster vibe” LYYN mentioned earlier in this Q&A.

Adding to the above, LYYN explained that she is a fiend for taking new creative risks. The “process of pushing out of my comfort zone to try new sounds and rhythms is scary and stressful sometimes but ultimately rewarding.” LYYN “loved so many iconic R&B artists like Aaliyah, Timbaland, Brandy,” just to name a few. since LYYN was a kid, she wanted to pay homage to that. LYYN is “proud of the journey this song took to get to where it is now” and LYYN is “always trying to one-up” herself “as a songwriter and an artist with every release.”

“Heat Wave” has a sultry, dark, and quite spooky sound that LYYN thought was perfect for a Halloween release.

“I love fall and especially Halloween – the costumes, the witchiness, and the occult vibes.”

LYYN’s ‘Heat Wave’ is now out.

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