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Following on from the release of LX Mason‘s ‘Drink Me Goodbye‘, LX Mason took a little bit of hiatus from making music, which gave LX Mason the opportunity to work on his own health. LX Mason believes he has “grown in just being confident in being” himself. And going at the pace that is right for him. LX Mason has also “been thinking about how” he “can be glorifying God with” his art and who he is as a person – “even if the lyrics aren’t inherently “Christian”.”

“It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I think with each release, and with each day, it’s a step in the right direction.”

Releasing ‘Fantastic‘ was very important for LX Mason, especially for his mental health, as the single helped him “process a lot of comparison issues” he was going through.

Today sees the release of LX Mason’s brand new single ‘Fantastic’, a song LX Mason explained to Eat This Music is about “pretension, ego” and the “hustle culture” “that destroys relationships these days.” In ‘Fantastic’, LX Mason personifies his “own wrestle with these things based off of conversations” he has “had with other people” and himself.

Expanding on the above statement, LX Mason states that a lot of his own life played in the creation of the singe, in fact, a lot actually. LX Mason remembers “walking away one day incredibly frustrated by relationships” he “held onto with people that belittle” him for the sake of their own success.” As LX Mason “dealt with that emotion” he “began to compare” himself “to other people’s successes” and where he was at in his “artistic journey and would exhaust” himself trying to be like them.” It was essentially “a weird time of not being myself honestly”, LX Mason expresses.

The process of ‘Fantastic’ was actually so smooth. LX Mason “had the idea for the song way back in February”. LX Mason recalls when he was in his car “singing the prechorus and the opening line of the chorus.” Then LX Mason “put it down for a while to work on Drink Me Goodbye,” but “in a writing session with Valencia James and Peter James it came out again.”

Going into detail about his collaboration with Valencia James on the single, LX Mason explains how he and Valencia are mates. They “go to the same church too” and since they “see each other pretty often it was just like “hey let’s write”” and LX Mason “eventually just went” to Valencia and Pete’s house, “sat on the floor eating ice cream and wrote the song” together. For the track, LX Mason and Pete “tried a couple of different things and it just seemed like too much.” LX Mason eventually went to his room and thought, “why am I trying to add so much to this?” And Valencia and James “agreed the song had such a cool vibe with minimal instrumentation.”

“I think that art has a powerful way of helping you process life and all of its ups and downs. I knew if I was going through this, someone else probably was/is too and needed the song and the story as much as I did.”

On the timing of the release, LX Mason explained that he “just felt like” he “sat on” the single “way too long, and the year was wrapping up!” LX Mason “took some time to clear” his mind, “a hiatus if you will,” to focus on his own well being and he “felt like now was a good time to get back to it.”

For those that want to know more about LX Mason, or do not know where to start with LX’s music, LX Mason recommends “I Don’t”. On why though, LX Mason explains that the song “will always have a special place” for him “as the song that first put” him “on as an artist – my first step”, LX Mason clarifies. LX Mason believes it is “great to do the journey with the artist rather than ONLY staying on their latest.”

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