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Eat This Music has been a fan of RACKETT since the release of ‘Prey‘ back in 2017 and ‘Alive‘ back in 2018.

However, recently RACKETT went through a transition of sorts, evolving from a four-piece to a one-piece with front woman Rebecca taking charge of the new era of RACKETT. This past week saw the release of RACKETT’s first single in this new form. A project so secret, RACKETT “hadn’t even told” her “mum or dad” she “was secretly living a double life,” however, RACKETT expresses how excited and proud she is for the single to be out.

RACKETT recently had a chat to Eat This Music about the release of ‘Machinations’, speaking on the story of the ‘Machinations’, RACKETT explains that ‘Machinations‘ is about losing her “mind and trying to find a way out.”

“I lost lust for the concept of fronting a ‘rock band’, I broke up with my boyfriend and found myself single and free to do whatever whatever I wanted.”

RACKETT realised that freedom was new, and having “so many options can drive you crazy.” The change and “possibilities combined with the loss of everything” she had known and the “fear of the unknown all moshed into one big internal mess” sent her insane.

The inspiration for ‘Machinations’ came from RACKETT’s own life. In fact, all of RACKETT’s life is in this song. It is “very personal” to RACKETT’s experience and thoughts. RACKETT “spent a lot of time” with her “producer Dave Hammer.” Dave “laid down the foundation of the song,” and “kind of like a mound to pour RACKETT’s emotions into. “Before entering the process we already had a clear vision of the kind of music we wanted to create, future punk”, RACKETT explains.

“It was important for me to make something that I really wanted to listen to.”

On the timing of the release, RACKETT expresses that she “wanted to complete all” of her songs,” and the “whole new live show before” she released this. RACKETT has “kept in the shadows preparing this release, RACKETT “didn’t want to disappear again.” RACKETT needed “the time to fully understand” her own “vision, and to create the vision.”

RACKETT has “always been” the project of Rebecca, including always being “the songwriter and driver,” and she has “just presented it in different ways.” What you see today is the new RACKETT.

RACKETT advises listeners to listen to the music she has released today, and “you can hear the changes” to the overall project. RACKETT pushed herself, with the aid of her “producer to break away from blues professions and default melodies into more adventurous phrasing and melodies.”

“I have created a collection of songs I will release over 12 months. It’s coming out fast and regularly. Expect a new live show, all new songs and Heelys videos.”

At the moment, RACKETT is “still touring Japan and when” she gets home to Australia, RACKETT will “be performing two homecoming shows, one in Sydney, one in Melbourne.” Also on the horizon are video clips, “other bonus videos and another single early next year.”

With more to come, Eat This Music is keen to see where this journey takes RACKETT.

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