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Life Pilot are a metal band out of South Australia and recently the five-piece from Adelaide released their brand new single ‘Pretty Like A Pistol‘, a song essentially about exploring “the themes of looking back on your early adult life.”

Following on from the release of Life Pilot’s EP ‘Too Hot For Killing‘, the band have been quite busy. In fact, ‘Too Hot For Killing’ “was a long time in the making, it was a release that almost never saw the light of day”, Eli [Drummer] explains. However, since then the band brought in their “new guitarist Simon Gould who is not only a fantastic player” but has also enabled the band “to tour more frequently” and has also “brought a lot of new energy to the band.” Essentially everything feels very cohesive now for the band. Life Pilot “released and toured” their “last single Dark, Dark, Goose earlier in the year” and also “managed to get back out to some cities” they had not “been to in a while, which felt great” and Life Pilot “were blown away with the support” they received. As well as the latest single and tour, Life Pilot had “been writing a tonne” and they “have a stack of new songs” they will be recording soon, which Eli “personally can’t wait to finish and get out to everyone early next year.”

On the release of ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’, Eli from Life Pilot expressed how it feels great to finally have the song out. Life Pilot have “been sitting on it for a while now” and they “have been so eager to get it out” and “to get it out for everyone to hear”. And it also helps that the “response has been fantastic!”

Speaking to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A about the track, Eli explained that ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’ additionally explores “moving on and reflecting on your achievements or failings”. We have “all moved” or “are in the process of moving into our 30’s”, Eli explains.

“In essence, it’s a song about a midlife crisis come too soon, or not soon enough, perhaps.”

The inspiration for ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’ came from the band’s own experiences in life, in fact, as with all their music, ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’ “reflects our own experiences very honestly” Eli express. Including the “feeling of Pretty Like A Pistol” and “the thoughts it presents are very real to all of us” and “Angus [vocalist and frontman] did a great job of penning lyrics that not only express his own thoughts as an individual”, it also relates “to the rest of the personal experiences of the rest of us in the band.”

The process ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’ was different, as is the case with every song the band makes, however, “this one was a fairly straight forward” single for the band. Nick [Bass player] sent” the band “a song that” he had “been working on,” the band “all loved it” and they “didn’t want to change much, if anything about it.”

Sometimes you just get those songs that fall together and you don’t need to mess with it. We all made small tweaks to parts as we went through pre production, but the brunt of the instrumentation came together really quickly.”

“Angus really pushed himself vocally on this one, which we were all really hyped on”, Eli express. Angus “wasn’t willing to compromise on melodies that were more comfortable for him” and “his range, he had an idea and instead went out of his comfort zone to get it. It was very cool to see.”

‘Pretty Like A Pistol’ “heralds a new era of Life Pilot” Eli explained. Life Pilot’s previous “single release was the last of a bunch of tracks” they had “been working on” with their “old guitarist” and “with new blood in the band”, essentially the band “changed things up a little” and are “pushing forward on a new path,” so Life Pilot “wanted to get something out that best encapsulates where they are going next on their musical journey.

Life Pilot “really wanted to make this year one where” they “got back out on the road a couple times” and “pushed new material out more frequently than” they had previously done so. As soon as Life Pilot “got back from the “dark dark goose tour”, they “went straight in to production and planning” for Pretty Like A Pistol and a “tour to get it all happening before” 2019 was out. And as soon as the band are back from this, they are “straight back in to production for what’s coming next.”

To coincide with the release of the single, Life Pilot released an accompanying music video which showcases the band’s creative side. In fact, the music video features robots, wrestling, a demon playing drums and a whole lot of other interesting imagery placed throughout the four minutes and seven second runtime. Honestly, the band are “not sure” they “even really know why” the music video features the aforementioned. Going into detail about the music video, Eli explained that the “song has these themes of reflecting on wasted time” so the band tried “to tie in a few setups like Simon [Guitarist] and myself [Eli] playing video games” and “ignoring Nick in his absurd outfit for example.” The band “got together” and “brainstormed as many absurd ideas” as they could think of, including an intense “popping and locking cardboard robot”, which evidently “became a cornerstone of the video” and personal favourite feature of Eat This Music. All Life Pilot “really knew was that” they “wanted a video that felt bizarre, made people laugh and ask “but why?”,” which Life Pilot have definitely accomplished.

To celebrate the release of ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’, Angus, Eli, Simon, Nick and William are heading out on the road for an eight-show tour kicking off on November 1st in Mount Gambier and culminating on December 14 in their hometown of Adelaide.

Eli from Life Pilot assures fans that you can expect “antics, antics and more antics.” The band’s last tour had them “climbing on lighting rigs, playing drums in the crowd, punters” and also “band members diving through the drum kit, guitars being thrown across venues” and many “mass pile on’s whenever one” of the band members “ended up on the floor [Eli laughs]”. Essentially Life Pilot are “always trying to one up the last show” they played at, so “you can expect all of that and more.” However, what “the ‘more’ is,” Eli doesn’t know, because the band “don’t plan any of this stuff, it just comes out in the moment depending on the vibe, so come catch a show, get weird with us and throw us a curveball!”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be one heck of a busy time for the five-piece out of Adelaide, as Eli explains, the band as they are “finally going to release a full length record” sometime soon, as a “lot of people have been asking for one so it’s high time we listened,” Eli assures fans of Life Pilot. The band have “been doing EP’s and singles long enough,” and now that they are “in a really solid solace” as a band, they want to “create something long form and showcase the range of the band more than just a handful of tracks can.”

“This is super exciting for us, and it’s making us push ourselves to make sure it’s a record that will not only show our growth as a band but also hopefully stand the test of time and be something we’re proud of for years to come. “

If you’re still hesitant on Life Pilot as a band, Eli believes there are two answers to the question of “Which song would you recommend to a first tine listener?”. Depending on where, you, “the listener is coming from”; Eli believes if you’re not as familiar with their “genre of dirty chaotic music it can be a bit overbearing to dive it in to the weird stuff,” so “as a gateway song” Eli suggests “something like Too Hot For Killing or Dark, Dark, Goose that have some melody” and also “less A.D.H.D song forms.” However, if “you dig heavy stuff then” Eli recommends their brand new single ‘Pretty Like A Pistol’, “Rawhide or By The Book” too.

Music as a whole is an interesting world, you can tell stories, release stress, and discover sights and sounds nowhere else. Eli personally believes it is “the only option” for him. He “never had a normal job,” it has “just been full time music since” he “was out of high school.” However, he knows “for the other guys,” as well as himself, playing in Life Pilot “is such a cathartic experience.” The band call their gigs “therapy sessions” for themselves. It is “not about being a cool guy in a band, cause being in a band is a hard job.” There is “no money in it and it’s a lot of long hours and little sleep, but we do it because we love it and couldn’t imagine not doing it.”

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