Coming off the release of Gidon Schocken‘s brand new LP ‘Immerse‘, out now, the Israel native uses the platform of one of the lead singles ‘Show Me The Way‘ to explore the “fragility of life” and “how death can sometimes be sudden and abrupt.”

This music video is incredible… not only does it showcase Gidon’s fantastic layers of sound, but the visuals are engaging, the story is gripping and the aesthetics keep you engaged for the duration of the runtime.

Eat This Music recently had a chat with Gidon Schocken about the release of the single, and subsequent music video. Going into detail about the single, Gidon tells the story of how he “met a friend for dinner” one night and Gidon got told about “a close family member who suddenly passed away.” The man was healthy and “had some back pains while on vacation,” then when the man got home, the man “was diagnosed with cancer” and “passed away within two weeks.” Gidon remembers “going home, and that feeling stuck with” him, the “immediacy of it all” and “how everything can change in an instance.”

Expanding on the creation of the single, Gidon explains how the “track started off with the main riff that comes in around 0:13,” Gidon’s “music is heavily sample based,” so he “then started searching for other sounds, textures” and assortments that he “felt could help build upon the first riff.”

“I remember hitting the 2 or 3 min mark, and I wasn’t really sure what to do next, that was the eve I met up with the friend, came back and added the synth that set the tone for the rest of the song. Electronic music is pretty abstract, so It’s interesting how certain moments can suddenly create context within the music.”

“Tahel and Filippo then added their own interpretation of the song, and finally Ori added some live drumming to the whole track”, Gidon adds. This is Gidon’s “biggest project so far,” it is “a pretty long and complex track,” and “also collaborating with an orchestral composer was really interesting” for him. Gidon has “always been creating music,” so it is “not really a matter of deciding to make something specific, the track just kinda goes wherever it goes.”

This is one of the many collaboration on the LP, which Giden expresses “was lovely”, as the likes of Filippo Fabbri, Tahel & Ori Lichtik “are all amazing musicians that” Gidon has “a lot of respect for”, and he is “a big believer in complete freedom when it comes” to collaboration, so Gidon believes it is “also intriguing to see what comes out of each artist” as they bring something new to a piece. Especially “when it comes to lyrics, Tahel really hit the spot with the hook.”

Gidon flew “out to Paris a bit after laying out the track, and then randomly went to this native instruments showcase event, which turned out to be in French [smiles], so Gidon “left the lectures and played around with some new instruments on display.” That’s when “Fillipo came by” and the two of them “started chatting, turned out that” he is “a local composer that’s really into electronic music.” Gidon “told him that” he “just finished a new track that could use some orchestration” and Fillipo “was totally into it.” Gidon and Fillipo “started sending ideas to each other” and Fillipo “built all the amazing orchestration that engulfs the music.”

On working with Tahel on the track, Gidon expressed how he has “always been a fan of Tahel’s voice and style,” and in “the midst of all this” Tahel “added the lyrics and the hook that became the title of the track.” After that, Gidon “asked Ori to play over everything to add a live feel to all the percussive elements.”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy time for Gidon as he has “recently started performing live with all the new material” and also “just finished working on another EP that’ll be ready soon.” Gidon is also “producing a few tracks with some local artists” and there is “also a live techno trio in the works and also working “on the next Album soon”, plus playing “some more live gigs, hope the EP will come out till the end of the year [smiles].

Gidon Schocken’s LP ‘Immerse’ is out now.

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