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Squidgenini is “an enigma” out of Australia and this past Wednesday the now Brisbane-based pop producer released her first new piece of music in over two years, titled ‘Trigger Me‘.

Following on from the release of Squidgenini’s singles ‘WATCHED BY U‘ and ‘Alligator‘ in 2017, Squidgenini spoke to Eat This Music about her return to music and the release of ‘Trigger Me’, explaining that ‘Trigger Me’ is essentially about exploring the compartmentalisation of love and relationships and all the multifaceted angles that come with it.

Between that two year gap Squidgenini moved “back to Brisbane to live with” Squidgenini’s “gorgeous family” and to rethink Squidgenini’s own “life decisions.” Squidgenini “went travelling overseas for a bit then” Squidgenini “came back” and has “just been cranking out tunes everyday.” Which has allowed Squidgenini to work on “really honing” Squidgenini’s “craft and it feels so good!” Squidgenini expresses.

However, going into detail about Squidgenini’s ‘Trigger Me’, Squidgenini explains how she has “been really inspired by love this year”, and it “might sound mildly daft but REALLY .. every kind of love”, Squidgenini expresses. Especially “the fluidity of platonic friendships.”

“I’ve always been so compartmentalised with the ways I love. Friends are friends. Lovers are lovers. Etc. There is something so deeply powerful about being extremely emotional and intense within one’s platonic relationships.”

Expanding on the above statement, Squidgenini adds how the “idea that our intimate love relationship contains everything” and “will hold every single part of us is insane.. we must spread the load and explore love.”

The entire song is “literally” based off Squidgenini’s own life she states. “[laughs] literally my entire life,” Squidgenini doesn’t “tend to write from any other angle.” Squidgenini assures Ea This Music she is “not the type of writer to tell a story that is not” Squidgenini’s own.

The creative process for ‘Trigger Me’ was “quite long and arduous to be totally honest”. Squidgenini explains how she ” had about 13 different versions of” ‘Trigger Me’. Squidgenini “had the concept.. Trigger Me like a lover would..” and Squidgenini “just riffed around on that with different beats and chords and structures” and also “different verses until” Squidgenini “landed on this version” now released.

“My processes are always quite varied and they’ve never been as intense as this! But it was worth it! It’s like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle.”

Now that Squidgenini is back to making music, she has “got two shows coming up in Brisbane and Melbourne. 31st of OCT and 7th of NOV.”



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