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Drest is a rap artist out of Australia and recently the Melbourne-based artist released his six-track – originally 10 – mixtape titled ‘Still A Kid‘. Featuring the likes of ‘2001‘, ‘Skiddin’‘, ‘Fuck Grown Ups‘, and many others, Drest uses the platform to explore the childish traits of people.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the mixtape, Drest explained how he has “always loved ‘the mixtape’ thing that seems to be something that is unique to” the hip hop genre.

“It’s so cool for me to have the opportunity to make something and then put it out for free everywhere. I’m also super inspired by people like Allday, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller and heaps of others that started their careers off mixtapes and that’s something to be proud of I think.”

Eat This Music had the opportunity to have a chat with Drest back in August when Drest released his single ‘Skiddin”, however, since then, the young artist has been working hard on making himself a name.

Going into detail on the release of the mixtape, Drest expressed how it “feels so crazy to have” the mixtape out, it is “super satisfying for” Drest “to put out a body of work that” he is “proud of,” and this mixtape is something Drest has “been working on all year” and “so far the response has been crazy”.

Speaking on the creative process of the mixtape, Drest explained how there “was a lot of just” himself in his “bedroom writing raps” and then “recording demos to send to” his “friends to see if they don’t sound terrible!”

“That’s exactly how songs like ‘Fuck Grown Ups’ and ‘Skiddin” came about! I spent a lot of time making different types of beats and playing around with production too, which is half of the reason it took so long for me to put out another project.”

“There was a lot of work trying to fit Year 12 around my music, and particularly with me finishing it toward the end of the year when it got busy,” Drest adds.

On the importance of the mixtape, Drest expressed how creating the mixtape was super important for him. And also “to look back on” it too, the mixtape is “sort of a marker of the end of this chapter” of his own life, as Drest is “finishing Year 12 and about to go out and start the next chapter” of his life. Drest truly believes it was fitting for the mixtape “to be called ‘Still a Kid.'”

While there is no deep story to the mixtape, Dress did explain how the concept for the mixtape came from an “idea that everyone is a kid in a sense and everyone has childish traits.” In the mixtape Drest explores how “adults are just grown up kids who don’t necessarily have everything worked out” or essentially “have the confidence that we all used to think adults had when we were younger.” Drest just “turned 18 this year” and just “wanted to reflect on all the cool crazy stuff” kids “get up to as young people” and also “trying to maybe hold onto that. “I don’t ever wanna grow up, nah.””

For those reading this that are unsure of which song to jump right into to, Drest recommends 2001. As to why though, Drest explained how 2001 is a “feel-good song” and he thinks “it encapsulates the feel of the whole project.” Self admittedly, Drest jokes how 2001 “seems to be everyone’s favourite song.

Firstly, Kavi is so talented like I can’t believe I have his voice on one of my songs, big big shoutout he’s got some crazy sounds in the works.

The only collaboration on the mixtape is the single ‘Fuck Grown Ups’, featuring the vocals of fellow Melbourne-based artist Kavi. Going into detail about the collaboration, Drest explained how Kavi sent him a “message ages ago saying he really enjoyed” Drest’s “last project ‘Dead Phone'” and “would be keen to work with” him “in the future,” and it worked out Drest “just finished one of the first demo’s to ‘Fuck Grown Ups’ that day”, he believes, so Drest “sent it through” and Kavi “loved it, put a verse on it, and since then” Drest and Kavi have “been back and forth sending mixes and ideas for the song to turn it into what it sounds like now.” Drest expresses how the “project wouldn’t be what it is without” Kavi’s “input and help so thank you to him for that!”

Now that Drest has finished year 12 he can head on out on his new musical journey and express himself as an artist. However, Drest assures there are “a few songs and ideas in the works,” but he doesn’t “want to say too much yet because” he will “probably change his “plans as” as he “usually does”.

You can see Drest live this Saturday the 26th of October at Boney in Melbourne for a show “with the super dope artist ‘Gamirez. Drest has “got an opening spot for him for” his “first live show which is crazy exciting” and it is “gonna be mad”, Drest assures us.

Stay tuned for more from Drest as next year he will be “moving to the city to chase the dream [laughs], and try and make this happen.”

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