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C-K-H is a “rapper for everyone” out of Victoria and recently the Melbourne artist released his brand new single, ‘On A Plate‘, a song about essentially having everything in life given to you.

Eat This Music recently had a chat with C-K-H about the release of ‘On A Plate’. Speaking on the creation of ‘On A Plate’, C-K-H explained how he “grew up with opportunities that weren’t available to others”, so he “could have used these opportunities to have everything served ‘On a Plate'”, however, instead C-K-H used those “opportunities to grow and develop into” his own person.

“The verses are aspirational in nature, stating my goals and desires in the music industry and the chorus points out that I could achieve these goals by either having them handed to me or by working towards them.”

C-K-H expressed to Eat This Music how relieved he is to have it out. “It was a big build-up” and C-K-H gets “so nervous about releasing music”, however, “once it’s out” he is fine. “Even if it didn’t perform well, or was received well,” C-K-H “would have been happy because it’s out for the world to listen to.” To C-K-H, “that is an achievement and that’s the one that” he would rather “decide to celebrate.”

Expanding on the relation to his own life, C-K-H explained to Eat This Music that the “song is about” C-K-H’s life and his own “upbringing”, so basically “100%” of ‘On A Plate’ is based on his own life. C-K-H likes to keep his “music as close to” his “personal self as possible”, because then he feels like he “can relate to it.”

“This also allows my personality to come through my music and fans will hopefully learn who I am through listening to my music,” C-K-H adds.

Going into detail about the creative process of ‘On A Plate’, C-K-H explained to Eat This Music how he is a poet. “I write poems about all sorts of things”, C-K-H expresses. C-K-H’s “poems are basically just thoughts on a page” when C-K-H goes “to write a song” he brings “in elements of” his own “poems, so when” C-K-H writes a song, he is “not creating anything new,” C-K-H is “simply adapting and connecting previous ideas” he has created himself.

“I also make all my beats and do all the production side. So I make a beat and if I dig it I will find a poem I’ve written with a similar vibe and from there it’s just putting all the pieces together.”

“This is hands down the best song I’ve ever made”, C-K-H expresses. C-K-H feels like he has “the best connection to this song and the message behind it.” Essentially “this was a major point in” C-K-H ‘scareer so far. And in releasing ‘On A Plate’ “to the world, C-K-H hopes “that people can learn about who C-K-H is and his “story while also enjoying what” C-K-H thinks “is a good song.”

On why C-K-H wanted to release ‘On A Plate’, C-K-H explained how he “didn’t have a goal while writing” ‘On A Plate’, but “after it was written and recorded the intention behind the song became clear.” Out of C-K-H’s catalog, ‘On A Plate’ “stood out as a clear level or two above other songs” he has written. C-K-H “made the decision to release” ‘On A Plate’ “halfway through recording the demo and never gave it a second thought.”

Following on from the release of his EP ‘Maybe One Day I Will‘, C-K-H expressed to Eat This Music that since “that project” he has “been in learning and development stage.”

“I’ve been trying to focus on building a positive fan base, rather than a large fan base. I’ve been ignoring the numbers and focusing on quality of numbers.”

However, after “this release,” C-K-H will “continue being a sponge, taking in every piece of information, learning and developing from it.” C-K-H’s “personal goal is to improve” as an artist. The remainder of 2019 will also see C-K-H spread his music into your earholes.

And finally, speaking on who C-K-H is, C-K-H explains how he “is a rapper for everyone”, and he hopes “that he is a rapper that people can enjoy”, with the “main goal of” his “music above anything else is for people to enjoy listening to the music” he makes. “Everything else just follows from there”, C-K-H concludes.

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