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Following on from the release of E^ST‘s 2018 EP ‘Life Ain’t Always Roses‘, the Central Coast-based pop artist has returned with her brand new single ‘Talk Deep‘, a song E^ST explains is about wanting to spend all night with someone you have crazy chemistry with.

The last time E^ST was covered on Eat This Music was back in August 2018 when E^ST released ‘I Don’t Lake Imagination‘, however, since then, E^ST has been “finishing up” her new “album right now!” And just “getting down the final mixing touches.”

Before getting in to the details of E^ST’s new single ‘Talk Deep’, E^ST expressed to Eat This Music how excited she is to have the single out, mostly “just cause” E^ST hates “keeping things to” herself. However, now “everyone’s in on it and it feels great.”

Speaking to Eat This Music recently in a Q&A about ‘Talk Deep’, E^ST expands on the story of the single, explaining that ‘Talk Deep’ “is about leaving a party with someone who you have crazy chemistry with” and just “wanting to spend all night hanging out with them.”

“It was definitely inspired by a real person in my life and the fuzzy way they made me feel.” — E^ST on ‘Talk Deep’

Going into detail on the creative aspect of ‘Talk Deep’, E^ST explains that – to be honest – “not much thinking went into writing this particular song…” As E^ST “had a few weeks of writing all the emo songs” she “needed to write [laughs]”, and by the time E^ST “wrote Talk Deep” she “was just keen to break out of that and have a dance and have fun.”

Coming off the release of E^ST’s debut album ‘I’m Doing It‘, due out for release in 2020, E^ST’s ‘Talk Deep’ is part of a larger record that sees E^ST working her “way through a really rough time” and it is “almost like every song is” E^ST “dealing with it in different ways.”

E^ST’s debut album also delves into “a lot of different sounds,” with “every song kinda” having their “own moment and personality.” Lyrically though, it is just E^ST “trying to figure out what” she is “feeling and why” she is “feeling it” and “how to feel better [laughs].”

Eat This Music thought ‘Get Money!‘ and ‘Life Goes On‘ were E^ST’s best work, however, Talk Deep is a great introduction to E^ST’s debut album, as Talk Deep showcase more of E^ST’s brilliant story telling, but Talk Deep also showcases a solidly developed style of pop that E^ST has claimed for herself.

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