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Following on from the release of their 2018 single ‘Two Halves‘, pop duo Sunflower Thieves have returned with a brand new single titled ‘Heavy Weight‘, a song that explores their “personal experience with social anxiety”.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single, the duo out of Leeds explained how it is “really exciting to finally have” the single out, and how they have “been super keen to release the single “for a while.” Expressing their enthusiasm for the release, Amy and Lily stated how they “can’t wait to release more and more of what” they “been working on!”

“Heavy Weight reflects our personal experience with social anxiety, and that sometimes you’re not okay and it’s not the end of the world.

Adding to the above statement, Sunflower Thieves also expressed how “sometimes you need that sad/grey day to rest and be safe, before you pick yourself back up again.”

Touching on the relevance to their own lives, Lily and Amy explain how the single “is super personal” to them, like all of their songs. Expanding on the aforementioned, Sunflower Thieves explained in our Q&A how they “both deal with social anxiety on a day-to-day basis” and they also “know a lot of people who also do,” so they hope their brand new single is “a solidarity song for anyone who feels alone or stuck.”

“The questions in the song are like a train of thought, and definitely reminiscent of particular situations and events where we have felt isolated and/or trapped in a crowded room of friends,” the duo add.

Going into detail about the creative process of the single, Lily and Amy explained how they “often write” their music “individually and then arrange and finish songs together,” however, this song was definitely “more of a collaborative process,” adding how it was great for the both of them to “feel so positively about” the single.

“The production elements took slightly longer than usual as Lily was between houses at the time, but it does mean that we have created something we are really proud of.”— Amy on the process of ‘Heavy Weight’

Explaining the importance of the single, the duo expressed that they believe their “listeners are excited about the stripped back feel of the song,” and “as this is how” they “began performing together,” and their “vocal harmonies are a huge element of Sunflower Thieves’ sound.”

“Over the last year or so, we have also performed at a lot of Sofar Sounds gigs as a duo (without the band) and Heavy Weight offers a happy medium between a full and intimate set up. We have developed and grown as a band since our previous release, and we wanted to reflect this,” the duo add.

On the timing of the release, Sunflower Thieves explained how they “had a big break between this release and the previous release” in 2018, so “during which” they have “been writing a lot and developing ideas about what sound” they “want to achieve” together. The single “definitely suits this time of year” for them, “as Charlie Ashcroft at Amazing Radio said, ‘An all round autumnal gem’. Lots of people struggle with anxiety more heavily when the weather is greyer and colder.”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a very busy time for Amy and Lily as following “this release” they will be “heading out on tour”; dates below.

Surfcafe, Tynemouth – 03.11.2019
Fortyfive Vinyl Cafe, York – 09.11.2019
Cafe 9, Sheffield – 10.11.2019
Jamcafe, Nottingham – 11.11.2019
Oporto, Leeds – 12.11.2019
Sofar Sounds London – 14.11.2019
The Big Comfy Bookshop, Coventry – 15.11.2019
We Want Women, Liverpool – 29.11.2019

Also on the horizon though, Sunflower Thieves ” have lots of new music that” they “are developing now,” so additionally “there will be more singles coming soon.”

“We have plans for writing trips and an upcoming live session for ‘Heavy Weight’, so the end of 2019 is looking super exciting for us.”

The stripped back version of Heavy Weight is an interesting song that is used as a great platform for Amy and Lily to show off not just their acoustic skills, but also their delightful vocal range.

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