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Eden Samara is a pop artist out of Toronto and recently the now England-based native released her debut five-track EP ‘Days‘, however, a focal point of the EP is her single ‘Robots‘, a song about sociopaths. While Robots originally come out five months ago, Eden Samara released a music video for the aforementioned single last month.

Going into detail on the creation of the music video, Eden explained to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A how herself and her “friend John” wanted to “collaborate on a concept about stock characters placed in universally translatable tableaus.” Expanding on the previous statement, Eden adds how the “original idea” they “were kicking around was to use life-size sex dolls but they’re not really available to rent (which makes sense).” This is one of “those rare times where” Eden “felt” she “ended up making exactly what” she had “envisioned”.

“My other buddy Adam is a colourist and made everything look too perfect to be quite real. I’m lucky to have a lot of talented creative friends in my Toronto community who helped out. “

The music video for ‘Robots’ is very interesting. The theme of using mannequins as a symbol for humans without any sort of emotion works well, especially with lyrics like “I wanna make you feel something” and “turn that metal into flesh and blood”; those statements can relate to a lot of people. Also, Eden’s production style is fresh, especially the synths and keys being used as a great juxtaposition to the visual aspect of the single.

It is also worth noting how great ‘Days‘ and ‘Upside Down‘ are off the EP.

Speaking to Eat This Music about the release of the EP, Eden explained how she has “been working on new music for a while already” and her “head is in a completely different place” at the moment.” Although, Eden does “remember it feeling like having completed the first mile in a marathon.”

Touching on the creative aspect of the EP, Eden explained how very “fun and collaboration-filled, with a lot of learning along the way” it was. “I think it’s essential to create a body of work as an artistic person, so pretty important”, Eden adds.

“At some point I had to stop tinkering and the EP be what it is. Purging those songs was a necessary step in being able to move on to the next creative chapter.”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy time for Eden as well, as she is working on “a mixtape”, bur she is “not sure yet.” Whatever Eden Samara releases next will be “another collection of songs.” Also, since Eden “just moved to London from Toronto”, getting settled in a new country” is a “main priority for the rest of this year.”

Who is Eden Samara?

“Hi, I’m Eden and I’m a music nerd who just likes to make stuff. I come from the mountains and spent most of my life writing music that I was too shy to release. Most of what I write is inspired by electronic music and dance music culture combined with my love of pop music. ”

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