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Völuspa is a pop artist out of New York and recently she released her brand new single ‘Live One Life‘, a song Völuspa wrote “upon awaking from a dream about a magician” Völuspa “knew in a past life”, and also “god and eternal life”. The song is also about “a fusion of eternal life and love” Völuspa explains in a Q&A with Eat This Music.

On the release of the single, Völuspa explains how she considers all of her songs her children, “so it feels incredible watching this one grow up and exist in the world, especially since it’s about eternal love and it has the potential to spread that concept around,” Völuspa explains.

Speaking on the relevance to her own life, Völuspa explains to Eat This Music how the last part of the song “was added while recording,” which had “occurred in the midst of a death, a family illness and a breakup, all with people who I’ll love eternally.” So, essentially, it is quite a personal song for Völuspa.

Continuing on with the creation of the single, Völuspa explained to Eat This Music how she wrote the song when she “was plant and loft sitting” in an “incredible space in Brooklyn,” which included “a stand up piano and a king size mattress.”

“That luxury and prime sleep set me up for psychic dreams and a creative outlet right when I woke up. Then recording it with Eric Hoegemeyer was an intuitive, improvisational collaboration with an extended bridge that he helped create.”

On the importance of creating the single, Völuspa expressed how the single “is as important as everything else” she makes. Explaining how “as humans it’s important for us to keep creating.”

“I think I had to. Everything I love, I seem to relinquish, this is just an example of that pattern,” Völuspa adds.

Expanding on the aforementioned, Völuspa explained how she didn’t think ‘Live One Life’ “was single material, so it kind of came as a surprise when” her own “label made the suggestion to release it as” a single.

While the label did suggest for ‘Live One Life’ to be released as a single, it was not the only single Völuspa had in mind to release. Völuspa explained to Eat This Music how she “wanted to release two b-siders”, exploring themes “about sex and expansion,” which Völuspa believes “is the future of my music. Tantric healing.”

Coming off the release of Völuspa’s forthcoming album ‘Close Your Eyes’, Völuspa explains how the album is “an opportunity to go inside.” Expanding on the previous statement, Völuspa explains how the “songs are about feelings that are hard to articulate” and also “worlds that we cannot consciously see, but if we go in/tap into our subconscious we can.”

“I want to provide that experience for people. I want to put people to sleep to wake them up, you know?”

Adding to the themes of the album, Völuspa explains how ‘Close Your Eyes’ is about “sex, magic, pain, healing, loss, love, psychic visions, the end, the beginning, death, birth, him, her”, and more.

In our conversation, Völuspa explained how the remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy time for the New York native as she will be working on another “music video for a song called Leave Me Alone,” which is “up to bat” and “then a couple of great shows around New York City and more writing and creating,” as always. Also planned is “a tour throughout Europe”.

Last word from Völuspa

“I think I’ve said enough”

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