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Ava Lake is a pop artist out of Illinois and recently the Chicago native released her brand new single off her debut EP – out 18th October – with ‘Mystery‘, a song about “that feeling when you are pursuing someone and you’re not sure if you’re on the same page, or if anything is going to work out, or even sure if you want anything serious with that person, but you’re enjoying the present and you like whatever it is in the moment,” Ava explained to Eat This Music in a recently Q&A.

Expanding on the aforementioned statement, Ava tells Eat This Music how personally she finds “it hard to do something halfway, so in-between relationships are weird” for her, so the song was essentially Ava “trying to find what” she likes “about the “chase.”

“Mystery is also my own personal reminder that no matter what happens with other people, I will always have myself and I am completely thrilled to be an independent person.”

Before getting into the new single, Ava gave a recap of as what she had been up to since the release of her previous single ‘My Dreams Are Nightmares‘ back in 2017, Ava expressed how she had been writing “music like crazy and learning as much about producing as possible.” Ava continued with how she is “trying to learn as much as” she “can about genres outside of what” she currently feels “comfortable making,” Ava thinks “that will help” her “creativity in music grow.” Ava specifically loves “moombahton music” and she really wants “to incorporate that sound into” her “future releases.” And also, Ava “graduated from DePaul with a degree in Marketing” and is also “saving up money” so she “can move to LA in the spring.”

Speaking on the release of the single, Ava explains how she feels “so excited to share ‘Mystery’ with the world.” Expanding on the statement, Ava continues with how this “song is the first release of” her “EP The Rise” and also “having it out is the first step of “My Rise”, Ava explains. Which Ava sees as her own “personal entrance into the music world.” This song is Ava’s “first release that” she feels “embodies the sound” she wants “to share with the world and the first step in making music” her “full time career.”

Touching on her own personal relevance to ‘Mystery’, Ava explained how the single is entirely based on her own life. “All my songs are informed by what is going on in my life and how I am feeling, I treat song-writing like a therapy.” Ava expresses. Ava also tries to work “things out that are bugging” her “in the verses and, the chorus’s usually are” her own “pump up ode to” herself “that everything is going to be amazing, no matter what” and that she just needs “to stay positive.”

“For this song I knew what I wanted the lyrics to be based on and I was inspired by a Shawn Mendes song for the production. I was trying to make an upbeat singable song that was based on how I was feeling,” Ava expresses.

On the importance of the single, Ava expressed in our Q&A that at the time she wrote the single, she “felt very confused about” her own “life so it was very important to write” the single “because it made” Ava “feel in control.” The neat “part about writing songs for” Ava “is that it harnesses” her own “feelings and gives” her “control over them so” that she “can move on and not linger in the past.”

I wanted to make it because I was having a lot of different feelings and I wanted to feel resolution.

Expanding on the previous statement, Ava continues to explain how she has “been working really hard on producing and song-writing for the past 7 months (I’ve had more time because school ended and I was able to spend more of my time on music)”, and how “at the beginning of the summer” she “was starting to make some songs that” she “thought had reached a new level of professionalism and quality” to them. “I’ve been dying to perform and I want to perform with music I feel 150% about,” Ava adds. And when she “started feeling like” she “had those songs,” Ava “started planning a release.”

“I have mapped out this year with music goals and the release of this EP is for me the beginning of my rise in music,” Ava continues.

While this may not have been the only release Ava wanted to put out, Ava explains how she “played with the idea of releasing” her “second single called “God’s A Ghost””, which will instead be released” on “October 4th”, but Ava ended up choosing “Mystery” because of the way it” makes her feel.

Coming off the release of her debut EP, ‘The Rise’, Ava Lake spoke on what listeners can expect within the EP, explaining how “The Rise is an upbeat arrival of dance pop music.” Listeners she hopes, “will want to sing and dance to these tunes, blast them at full volume, and resonate with their meaning.”

Going into detail about the previous statement, Ava expresses how “The Rise as a whole is the first EP” she is releasing where Ava feels “like a confident producer and song-writer.”

“I have released two EP’s in the past with the intention of playing them downtown Chicago while I attended DePaul, I did that, however as I was in school I did not have the time to invest myself fully into making music that truly represents me.”

“Before “The Rise” I was making songs to perform them, not making songs understanding the full craft and art of producing,” Ava continues.

On the substance of the EP, Ava assures Eat This Music she produces all her own music because she wants “to be in control of” her own “sound and be able to create exactly what” she “can hear in” her own head.

“The Rise” is named after the rise of my production, skills, and my rise into a career as a musician”, Ava concludes.

The remainder of 2019 and beyond looks to be a busy time for Ava Lake as she is working on her live show and “will always be steadily making music, but once” her “EP is out” she will be focusing her “time and energy on making a live show that brings people together to dance.”

Last word from Ava Lake

“To those who may not know who I am I want to say I can’t wait to dance with you. Lets put on the music.”

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