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MONOWHALES are a four-piece out of Canada and recently the Toronto natives released a brand new single titled ‘RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Know)‘, a pop-rock anthem – as explained by frontwoman Sally – that is essentially “a sigh of relief” about it being “okay to let things down if it means a much greater good will come out of it”.

Following on from their debut EP ‘Control Freak‘ in 2018, Sally, Zach, Jordan and Holly have returned with a three minute anthem that has a lot of heart and passion within its story for a band that has essentially been working through their own “shit and trying to be healthier as individuals and as members of this team”, expanding on the statement, Sally tells Eat This Music how amazing it feels for “this track to be on the airwaves.” It is “kind of funny that we have to keep songs as intense secrets in the dark”, and how it feels “like a coveted stuffed animal waiting to take part in a serious game of show and tell.”

“The feedback has been tremendously positive though which is great news! We feel like our music is evolving and even though we as a band are into what we are making and where it goes, you never know what the response is going to be like. Lucky for us we showed, we told, and people have spoken: they’re down.”

Going into detail about the overall story of the song, Sally explains how we “can all relate to that pressure of thinking “I can’t let them down, they need me”, whether “you’re talking about a friend, work”, or even “letting yourself down, there is a lot of pressure in following through even if it means the worst for you.” The band “feels this constantly as” the four-piece “have people telling them what they “should do, and don’t get me wrong we are down for criticism but you start to question if you are losing yourself in the thick of listening to everyone else’s suggestions of how you should be, or how things should be run”, Sally explains.

“This song is a sigh of relief. It’s proclaiming “I’m sorry, I’ve been trying but I’m straight up tired and I am going to have to sit this one out and it’s probably going to let you down”,” Sally continues.

“At the same time, it’s my inner dialogue having that same conversation with my own damn self. It’s okay to let things down if it means a much greater good will come out of it. That’s a part of what we are saying…”

As stated above, it has “been a rough year for” the band “in really different ways” and it “feels liberating for us all to play this and mean what we have to say”, Sally expresses.

Speaking on the creative aspect of ‘RWLYD’, Sally explains how “Jordan (Drums) and Zach (Guitar) brought this song into” their “rehearsal studio and it was instantly something” they “were all really into working on.”

“A lot of the initial ideas and lyrics that were brought in stayed in the song all throughout the process of writing and recording it. it was a very collaborative effort on this song as we all felt really connected to it and it felt like a really easy song to write between the four of us.”

“We brought in Ryan Worsley to produce the track and like magic, he really brought the track to life”, Sally adds.

On the importance of ‘RWLYD’, Sally explains how the “single was kind of the band’s saviour”, as it features “lots of personal issues outside and within the band made it seem like” they “might not make it through the year together.” However, this “song came at the right time with the right positive spirit to help us heal and work on something together again that we were all excited about.”

Expanding on the aforementioned, the band’s “last producer (AL-P of MSTRKRFT) taught” them “to “trust the process.” And it is “common that we set unrealistic expectations and goals for ourselves that it makes releasing music a stressful ordeal.” However, this time the band took their time, as they “let the song have its chance to breathe until” they “had confidence in the track” and in themselves.

While the band did record “two songs with Ryan Worsley”, they “love both” and they “toyed with the idea of which one should go out first, but truthfully.. I think we always knew this was going to be the one”, Sally expresses.

“We are ready to back out there and kick some ass again.”

MONOWHALES shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon as they “have a bunch of new songs” they “are itching to record” and they will “start touring western Canada this October and by November” they “are setting up shop at Ryan Worsley’s studio Echoplant in British Columbia to record a bunch of new songs.”

2019 is going to be a “non-stop year for” for the band, “but straight up, it’s always non-stop”, as the band is their “blood, sweat and tears”, Sally whole-heartedly explains.

“We are music lovers. We hope to keep evolving and always get stronger at everything we do and what we put out to the world, thanks for joining us on this wild ride.”


MONOWHALES’ ‘RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)’ is a perfect example of a band taking their time to master their storytelling and craft. ‘RWLYD’ is a song that can make anyone a fan of their repertoire. And it is also worth going back through their catalogue and discovering a gem like ‘Alive Now‘.

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