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Litche is an electronic artist out of New South Wales and recently the Newcastle native released his brand new single ‘Nothing To Lose‘, a song, in which Litche tells Eat This Music, is “about having a state of mind which chooses to push through the darker places of each day” and also “choose to be positive regardless”.

It has been a while since Litche’s last release, his debut self-title EP, which features tracks like ‘Voyage‘, however, in the meantime, Litche has been fighting his own battles, explaining to Eat This Music how it feels “good to be releasing music again.”

“It can be easy to second guess your creativity and hold onto demos and let them gather dust in your hard drive. But as scary as it can be, pushing past that vulnerability feels really good in the end.”

Speaking on the inspiration of the single, Litche explains how “not long before making” Nothing To Lose, he “moved into a new town house in the city which faces an east and went axis” allowing himself “lots of natural light to flood into” the house, with most of his “music making occurring through the day, this new lease of light has had a big impact on the types of sounds that” Litche has chosen “to use in” his own “production” and “overall mood while” he is exercising creativity.

Going into details on the technical aspect of Nothing To Lose, Litche explains how he was playing with his “OP-1 Synthesizer making arpeggiated loops while experimenting with stretching, shrinking and changing the tempo of those loops in Ableton”, then he “would start building a song around all the different loops that” he layered together” to complete the new single.

“I think it’s just important to me that I express how I feel through music. This song just happened to happen along the way.”

Touching on why Litche wanted to release his new single now, Litche expressed how lately he has “been listening to music that feels a lot happier and warmer, drawing inspiration from other artists who make mostly instrumental music that helps to put you in a positive headspace”, with “mental health being such an important and often overlooked part of life”, Litche “wanted to create music that is mood lifting”. So the “change in timing of the arpeggiated loops to” Litche “signifies the pace of life and how always changing”. Litche “also tries to use sounds in the production that help the listener feel some sort of comfort or ease despite that ever changing pace and often stress that life can offer.”

Following on from the above statement, Litche is not sure as to why he released the single now, however, he feels “like its better to share things than hold onto them for yourself”, and it “seemed like a good time to share this one [Nothing To Lose].”

The remainder of 2019 and beyond looks to be an interesting time for Litche as he plans on “just making music as” he feels inspired and “if another single happens” he “will put that out ASAP, if an EP happens then” Litche “will put that out too.” Litche also mainly plans “to save money and spend lots of time on” his “laptop making tunes”.

Last word from Litche

“Hey, I’m Sam, just a regular human. whats your name?”


Litche’s Nothing To Lose is an enjoyable experience. It is a song full of slow, smooth sounds, and nice vocal range, and features a world of simplicity that showcases passion within each note and sound. The song also kind of reminds me of Kid Fiction’s Silence Is Golden.

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