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Sløtface are a four-piece pop punk band out of Norway and ever single hearing their singles ‘Pitted‘ and ‘Magazine‘ for the first time back in 2017, I have been quite interested with the band.

Recently Haley, Tor-Arne, Halvard and Lasse released their latest single ‘Stuff‘, a song that is essentially just about stuff, as it is the “second single in the run-up to” their “second album, which is out next year”, and with the release of the single, it was a great time to catch up with Sløtface for a Q&A.

Before getting into the single, Sløtface gave Eat This Music a rundown as to what they have been up to since the release of their 2017 album, after Sløtface “finished the pretty extensive touring for Try Not To Freak Out”, they “mostly stayed in Oslo, working on the new album, which was a nice change of pace”, however, they are “getting pretty ready to be back on the road again.”

Going into detail about their latest single “Stuff”, Sløtface explain how the single is also about “all of the well, stuff, that’s left over after the end of a relationship” and how “places and things can feel really heavy with meaning after a relationship ends”, but also “how that weight slowly fades, and you can start to see the beauty in a fresh start.”

“The song is kind of a new direction for us, and it feels a bit more naked than a lot of our other songs, so we felt a bit exposed releasing it, but that’s been exciting as well.”

Going into details about the aesthetics of the single, Sløtface express how they “worked on the song in the rehearsal space, and kept working on it for a bunch of different versions along” with their “producer, Odd Martin Skålnes, in the studio.”

“This was a song that took a lot of different versions to get right, but we felt like it ended in a good place,” Sløtface continue.

On the importance of “Stuff”, the band explain how it felt “like a cool and different vibe to add to the record”, as it is “inspired by bands like Weaves and Superorganism, and was quite a different direction than a lot of other songs that ended up on the final album.”

With the forthcoming upcoming coming next year, the remainder of 2019 still looks to be a busy time for Sløtface, as the band give a hint as to what else they have planned, explaining how they are working mostly on “assets for the next record”, including “music videos, artwork etc. all the stuff that comes after the music is finished”, and also “touring the record, both at home in Norway, and abroad, as well as what is shaping up to be a fun festival season.”

Stuff is an interesting song because not only does it bring together Sløtface’s great pop-punk energy, but Haley’s vocal skills continue to prominently shine throughout, and the substance of the song is withi… even if it is just about “stuff”.

Have a listen to Sløtface’s latest single ‘Stuff’ below and stay tuned for more new music soon.

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