All Uffie needs in life is her weed & drum machine in her brand new single ‘Weed and Drum Machine’

Back in July I had the opportunity to discover Uffie for the first time with the release of her single ‘Mine‘, a song about adventure and mystery, however, today the United States-based electro-pop artist has returned with her brand new single ‘Weed & Drum Machine‘, a song that – as far as I can tell – is essentially about Uffie’s obsession with her weed and drum machine.

If the recurring lyrics and outstanding world of sound don’t blow your mind, or entirely relax you, then the visuals for the music video below might do it for you. Somehow Uffie has returned with a single that adds more to her stroke of electro-pop genius that was present in her previous offering.

Uffie is an artist I continue to look forward to as more releases become available, and if Weed and Drum Machine is any indication as to what she has coming up, then I am ready for more, and hopefully soon.


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