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Josh Beech is an artist out of California, and I have had the opportunity to cover Josh’s music previously with the release of his single ‘Left Behind‘, however, recently the California (from Bromley, South East London) native has returned with his follow-up single ‘American Current‘, a song that – Josh recently explained to Eat This Music in a Q&A – is left up to interpretation of the listener.

However, speaking to Eat This Music about the single, Josh explained that even though the meaning of the song is left up to interpretation by the listener, “it’s definitely a song about hope in a time when it feels like there isn’t really any”, the artwork in the Soundcloud embed above, (shot by Josh) “is definitely a clue also” as to what the true meaning of the song is.

Going into detail about the creation of the single and experiences influencing American Current, Josh explained to how the “song was different” for him “as it was a collaboration between” himself and “The Dzuris brothers and Brent.”

“It’s [American Current] definitely not focused on any ones life in particular it’s more broad than that. Most of my back catalogue are personal stories but this was isn’t.”

With the song being “written between The Dzuris brothers studio” and a recording studio in “Silver Lake”, California, the single took “sometime to get it right”, however, the “original bones of the song” wasn’t part of it, but “jumped in to the session originally to help get it finished.”

“The song then ended up becoming a song I would want to release under my own name as it had completely changed direction once I was involved. A completely new way of writing for me but fun none the less”, Josh adds.

Josh explains how he believes himself and his collaborators “wanted to release this song because the energy is so good” and it “definitely fills a missing space in” his own “set list”. It is a song “for people to dance to when” Josh plays live again.

Touching on the release of the single, Josh expressed how “now is as good a time as any” he guesses. However, “end of summer felt like the right time for this song.”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy time for Josh as he has “new songs with music videos directed by” himself and also artwork. Josh is “definitely keen to merge all” of is own “art together one way or another.”

“The visuals moving forward are going to be a very important part of the music”, Josh concludes.

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