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Baby Shakes are a band out of New York City and recently the rock N’ roll four-piece released their brand new single ‘Love Song in Reverse‘, a song that is essentially an anti-love song.

Coming off the release of their upcoming fourth studio album, Mary, Judy, Claudia and Ryan have not only put together a song that a song about moving on from the aspects of love, but also wants you to thin of “your first high school crush,” whole also “remembering that dreamy and sweet feeling you have at first… until you’re so over it that it makes you sick to think about it.”

Speaking to Eat This Music in a recent Q&A, the band explained how they like to “write about” their own “experiences as individuals” and also “as a band” as a whole, however, the four-piece also like to “write about things in general that almost everyone can relate to”, touching on the topics of “love, hate, sadness,” and “having a good time” too.

“Some of our songs are a reaction to something we don’t want to put up with or just about having fun in the moment. Good vibes”

Following on from the release of ‘Nowhere Fast‘, off their 10-track LP ‘Cause A Scene‘, due out for release September 20, the band explained to Eat This Music, that after the release of their “last album, Turn It Up, came out in 2017″ Baby Shakes “toured around Japan and Europe and” their “fans were asking for more music.” Sadly, “these things” do not “happen” as “quickly” as the band would have liked, “even though people want to hear more from you (which is always a good thing), as “the whole process takes time.”

“A single is a good way to keep your fans happy and wanting more before you’re about to deliver an entire album,” the band continues.

To keep up the “momentum from” the release of Baby Shakes’ “last album which was released about 2 years ago”, Baby Shakes’ “new album, Cause a Scene, will be out September 20th so” Love Song in Reverse ” is a little teaser/preview before then.”

Touching on the upcoming release of ‘Cause A Scene’, Baby Shakes explained the feedback they had been getting about the album, explaining how “some people have mentioned that this album is a bit tougher than” their “previous albums.” However, the band have assured fans the album is “still fun though” and it does have “the same Baby Shakes atmosphere and similar elements as” their last album.

Continuing on from the above statement, Baby Shakes explained how the new album is essentially about “being who you are, not giving a damn what people say, having fun, playing music, going on tour and causing a scene around the world.”

“If you’re ready to shake things up you can join our party, if not, too bad for you. :p”

With the questions about the brand new single out of the way, I wanted to know more about Baby Shakes’ album, which only features 10 singles. “We like to keep things short and sweet and to the point,” the band explained.

On the choice of only keeping the album to 10 songs, the band and expressed how while it is only “10 songs”, the band “narrowed it down to” their “10 best heavy hitters.” The band wanted “this album to be a collection of hits rather than added fluff and filler.”

After having originally had more than 10 songs, the band explained ow they “tracked about 13 songs in the studio and had about 14/15 total when” they “were writing.” One “song was a tune” they “dropped from” their “2nd album, Starry Eyes.” However, the band “were feeling it then” and decided to bring “it back because it had a catchy melody.” The band then “reworked it and made it stronger”, it “just really came down to which ones” the band “felt were the strongest and which ones fit the theme for CAS [Cause A Scene].

Commenting on a couple of other tracks that did not make it on the album, the band explained how they had” a “couple of dreamy ballads” and a “peppy pop song [laughs]. You know, “the type that would be a Baby Shakes ballad… just barely pushing two and a half minutes.”

“We love to play and write songs so getting our music recorded and out there is very important to us.”

Speaking on the reason behind the album, the band explained how they like to ” write and play music” and this is what they “love to do”. The band have “been busy touring and playing out more than ever so” they are “having fun staying busy. Writing music and touring go hand in hand.”

Continuing on about the aforementioned, the band added that their “last album had great reception and people kept asking for more”, even “though it wasn’t even a year later” Baby Shakes “fans were already demanding another record”, so the band “wanted to keep up that momentum and started writing songs quickly after releasing our last album.”

While Cause A Scene took just under two years to produce, the band explained how little their style had changed, deep down they are a Rock N’ Roll band, however, recently the band have been “experimented with keys, synths” and also “a Moog for one of” their songs on the album.

“In our earlier recordings we would use the same instruments for the entire session but this time around we focused on specific bass and guitar tones of different instruments for each song and got more creative with the process”, the band explain.

2019 looks to be a busy year for the all-touring, consistently playing, music making machine that is Baby Shakes, as the band explain themselves, they “have a few things coming up” but it is “top secret”. However, what the band can reveal is that they will be heading out on the road to Japan for a tour “in early November”, and maybe a stop off in Australia.

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