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Adam Daniels is an electro-pop artist out of London, and he asked if I could have a listen to his single, so I did. However, after listening to the single, I didn’t actually know what ‘The One’ was about, so I asked Daniel that exact question, which Adam explained to me he “recently found” himself “surrounded by a few people” who he “felt had a sense of self-importance.” A sort of “narcissistic trait of feeling better than others”, per se.

Speaking on the creative process of the single, Adam explained to Eat This Music in our Q&A that is was “pretty fun and this song was written and produced pretty quickly.”

“It was the first time I verged away from doing things completely solo and I decided on inviting a saxophonist on the track.”

“I had a part at the end that was destined for a sax solo so when I got in touch with a saxophonist, within a few days he provided me with an amazing solo that I was blown away by. It truly was the cherry on top of the cake,” Adam continues.

Expressing on why Adam wanted to release the single, he explained to me that as “a songwriter” he is “always inspired and influenced by” his own “surroundings,” so when he “noticed the traits of these people” that he had “previously described” and “how far” he “was a way from those,” he “felt compelled to write a song about it.”

Expanding on the aforementioned, Adam expressed how he “felt the track had a real feel of a song that you could play out loud in the car with the roof down whilst the sun was shining,” so he “always intended to release it sometime in the Summer.”

The remainder of 2019 looks to be busy for Adam Daniels has he is “always working on new music once one song is released,” he “already” has “a few demos in the pipeline,” unfortunately “nothing concrete as of yet” though. Also upcoming is a new single yet to be released, as Adam explains, he “recently collaborated with another singer, producing a track for him called Together, which “will be released in the near future.”

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