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It has been quite a while – and by while I mean years – since I have heard a song from Jenn Champion, and that is by my own personal ignorance, and not by Jenn’s, as Jenn Champion has been making music for quite a while since I last heard her music.

The last time I heard a song from Jenn Champion was back in 2016 when Jenn released her single ‘No One‘, one of the seven songs off her 2016 debut EP – under the moniker of “Jenn Champion” – titled ‘No One‘.

However, prior to the release of No One, two years earlier in 2014 was the last time I heard a song from Jenn Champion when Jenn – at the time going by the moniker of “S” – released her single ‘Brunch‘, one of the eleven songs off her 2014 album ‘Cool Choices‘.

I know it is a bit of a head-screatch, but the artist currently known as Jenn Champion has gone through her own evolution as an artists, with multiple name changes; however, what has not changed, is Jenn Champion’s fantastic style of music, which is her slow-building world of synth-pop, mixed with worldly over-arching vocal range and smooth dreamy atmospheres.

Even though I am limited to Jenn Champion’s music, from what I have heard over the years – from her multiple monikers – I believe Jenn is highly underrated as an artist, and the aforementioned is the feeling I got once again with the release of Jenn Champion’s brand new single ‘Turn Up The Radio’, which you can listen to above and below.

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