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Here is a great new collaboration between two Australian artists. The first is Sydney electro-pop artist FLUIR, an artist I have featured on Eat This Music many times (here, here and here), and the other is Brisbane producer Jordan Burns, an artist I am not too familiar with, however, after today I would like to learn more.

Today sees the release of this collaboration, which features an entirely diverse sound of electronic dance vibes and over-arching euphoric vocals from Fluir.

Speaking on the release of the single and the collaboration with fellow Australian music maker Fluir, Jordan Burns explains how he was “really privileged to have written this record with one of” his very own “favourite Aussie singers at the moment, FLUIR.”

“This song was made for the club, long car trips and outdoor summer parties!”

On the highlight of the single – Fluir’s vocals – Jordan explains how he also “really loved working with FLUIR’s vocals,” explaining how “she has such a unique voice” and how he “tried experimenting with some different sounds” he did not “usually use,” however, Jordan “made sure it stayed in the lane of what” he loves “to write and that’s house music”, Jordan concludes.

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