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Katie Ferrara is a pop artist out of California and recently the Los Angeles-based native released her brand new single ‘Lost In Your Ocean Eyes’. However, today sees the release of Katie’s music video to accompany what is essentially a fantastic own to the a song about the dangers of falling in love.

Speaking on the release of ‘Lost In Your Ocean Eyes’ in a Q&A with Eat This Music, Katie explained how Lost In Your Ocean Eyes was a song about “the desire to fall deeply in love with someone even though it’s dangerous” and even though “you know there is a chance you could get hurt. ”

However, the story goes beyond the aforementioned, with Katie explaining how she believes she “got most of what” she “wanted to say to this person out in the song,” however, Katie “never got to say these things to his face because he broke up with” her.

“I hid the song up until I started recording my full length album and decided I wanted to include it on the compilation.”

About the inspiration of the single, Katie added how the “inspiration for the title came from a comment he made” to her about “not wanting to look him in the eyes.” Katie then “told him it was because” she was not “ready yet for that kind of intimacy.”

“Later on as we started seeing each other more and more I grew feelings for him that were very intense and the only way that I could describe how I felt for him was wanting to get “lost in his ocean of emotions”,” Katie adds.

Going into detail about the aesthetics of the single, Katie explained to Eat This Music that when she was “writing this song” she was “just jamming on” her guitar.

“I had the chorus melody stuck in my head and then I started writing about my feelings for the guy I was seeing. It all came together rather quickly. “

On the importance of the single, Katie explained important it was for her to release it for her own sake, adding how needed “to speak” her own truth. Expanding on the previous statement, Katie explained ow she “never got a chance to tell this person how they made” her feel and she “thought the song was” a great way to do that. “It would be a shame to let it just sit in the dark without any exposure,” Katie continues.

The remainder of 2019 looks to be a busy year for Katie as she recently did a “fun collaboration with a local LA band called “The Gyrating Hips”,” which they “feature guest artists on their tracks.”

“This song I wrote with this is called “Faultlines” and will be on their EP coming out in December.”

Katie continues on her stack 2019 with how she is “going to be sending out” her “full length album to” her own “Kickstarter backers this year” and also “continue releasing singles to promote all the songs!”

“Next year I would like to do more touring once all the songs are up on Spotify and streaming platforms.”

With all the aforementioned said above, who exactly is Katie Ferrara though? Well, Katie put it her self in a message to you, the reader:

“I am an alternative pop singer songwriter from Los Angeles and known in the music community for my advice about street performing AKA “busking”. I’ve toured all over Europe playing at street festivals and got my start as a full time musician playing farmer’s markets in LA. I’m enthusiastic about helping other artists and creating community. I hope that my music inspires many other people to go for their passions.”

If you want to find out more about Katie’s music or catch her street performing at Universal City Walk, visit:

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