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Today sees the release of Australian hip-hop artist Drest‘s brand new single ‘Skidin’‘, a song about “being young and having fun” and also “taking all our opportunities before we’re gone,” Drest explains in a recent Q&A with Eat This Music.

“For me personally it’s about earlier this year when my friends and I started getting shitty cars when we got our license, and driving around being stupid and stuff.”

Hailing out of Melbourne, Victoria, Drest is a fresh face on the Australian hip-hop scene looking to just “get out there and be heard,” Drest explains.

Following on from the release of his previous single ‘Alright’, Drest explained to Eat This Music how the single has also made him “realise how fast life is going” and “how being young is such a fleeting thing.

“My songs are about real stuff that I’m going through and I hope you can connect with that, and thanks heaps for checking this out!”

The creative process for ‘Skiddin’ was long. Drest explains how he “wrote the chorus late last year” and also “made a couple of different beats for it before” he “settled on an electronic – dancey vibe” which took him a “while to be satisfied with” his own “verses as well.”

With all the produce aspect of the single detailed and out of the way, Drest explained to Eat This Music the importance of releasing the single, in the Q&A Drest explained how he felt like the music he makes “is like reflective of how” he is “feeling in the moment” he makes it, so for Skiddin’, Drest “wanted to inspire fun and put out a positive vibe.”

“It’s also important because it’s been ages since I’ve put out any music properly, and I needed to do so. It’s also my favourite so far off a mixtape that’s in the making, and I wanted to set that up nicely,” Drest adds.

On the timing of he release, Drest thought the time was right, as he “wanted to put it out now because” he hasn’t “properly released anything since” his “last tape ‘Dead Phone’ which was November 30 last year.

2019 looks to be a big year for the Melbourne-based artist as he is currently working on “a mixtape which hopefully shouldn’t be too far away”, and also “a few show spots coming later in the year”, which will also be Drest’s first shows.

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