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Having only released her debut EP earlier this year, indie electro-pop artist Hannah Stewart has already returned with her second single for the U.S. summer, this time around sees the release of ‘Glaze‘, a song essentially about feeling overwhelmed.

In a Q&A with Eat This Music, Hannah explained to me how she wrote the song because she had recently “been experiencing little bouts of being overwhelmed by different, every-day stuff,” explains Hannah.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single, Hannah explains how being overwhelmed with things “like crowds or noisiness or social media or paying bills, lol”, happens a lot. However, Hannah prefers “to handle it” in her own way, “by retreating inward with” her own “thoughts for a bit,” rather than actually “talking it out, or some other external reaction,” Hannah continues.

“I’m normally pretty extroverted so usually people notice and ask, and the song is my answer to that. Not necessarily defending this as the healthiest approach but, it is what it is.”

Continuing on with the aformentioned, Hannah explained to Eat This Music how she likes “making songs based on what is currently dominating” her own “thoughts.” Recently Hannah was “in the process of a big life transition”, which consisted of her “moving from California to Dallas”, that made her feel “a bit overwhelmed” and also “frequently doing the whole glaze-it-over, retreat inward solution.”

The rest of 2019 looks to be interesting for Hannah as she will be releasing a couple of more singles over the next couple of months, and she “would really like to start playing some shows.”

“Thanks for having me! If you don’t know me or what I’m about, I’m just trying to make dancey music while singing my problems at the world so… if you’re into that check out my music! :)”

Offering a solid mix of fuzzy electro-pop beats, smooth vocals and an interesting take on periodic introvert-ness, Hannah has put together a solid nearly four minute song of combined efforts.

Check out Hannah Stewart’s brand new single ‘Glaze’ above and below.

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