Nightshifts explores the cycles of anxiety in his new single ‘Breeze’

Nightshifts is a singer/songwriter out of Canada and recently the Toronto-based artist released his brand new single titled ‘Breeze‘.

The reason why I believe Nightshifts’ Breeze is worth sharing with you is because not only does the single feature smooth recurring beats of instrumentals, but the single is also a relaxing song full of delicate keys and vocals that compliment each other pretty well; the actual story of the song is interesting too.

Coming off the release of Nightshifts’ upcoming EP ‘Window Weather‘, the Toronto-based singer/songwriter explores the cycles of anxiety and the relief after the fact, while also touching on personal experiences.

Speaking on the creation of ‘Breeze’, Nightshifts explains how this past winter he “kept experiencing the same cycle of anxiety,” which evidentially influenced the outcome of the single’s creation.

“I would get worked up about all sorts of inconsequential things. Inevitably, I reached the point where I realized I had no control over these things I was worrying about.”

“Arriving at this conclusion always felt great. “Breeze” was written about that cycle and the relief that followed,” Nightshifts concludes.

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