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Marek Kubala is an indie pop-rock artist out of East London and is brand new single ‘Fault Lines‘ is his first release of 2019, and also the first release since his debut EP ‘Awhile‘.

Following on from the release of Marek’s debut EP Awhile in 2018, ‘Fault Lines’ sees Marek mix indie pop with electric acoustics and guitars to drive the force of the single throughout its nearly four minute runtime.

Speaking on the release of his first release post-EP, Marek explains how he usually writes “psychedelic acoustic songs like on” his Awake EP, however, he “had an urge to do something different for the followup,” which features “more energetic and upbeat” vibes, and also “a bit punky” sounds.

“I wrote Fault Lines which has a loose theme of technology going wrong. I tried to keep the sound quite raw and not too polished” — Marek on Fault Lines

I like this single because it made my head bop a little and toe tap too, and before the two minute mark I was singing along to the key “fault lines” chorus. I hope you like this little gem as much as I do, as I am looking forward to more of what Marek Kubala has to offer.

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