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Shilo Gold and So Wylie is the collaborative project based from a serendipitous situation between the two artists when Shilo “went out on a date one night last summer with someone who decided about 10 minutes into” the “date that it was imperative for” Shilo “and his friend Haley Shaw (So Wylie) to meet,” Shilo told Eat This Music in our first Q&A. “Her and I [Shilo] coordinated getting drinks and the rest is history,” Shilo continued.

I first heard of the project between Shilo and Wylie when Wylie kindly asked for me to have a listen to their debut single ‘Teach Me‘, and am I quite glad Wylie contacted me as after hearing the first minute or so of the single, I needed to know more bout the duo and their single.

Speaking to Eat This Music on how the collaborative project between the two artists actually works when it comes to making music – seeing as the two of them live in different locations, Shilo expressed how the collaborative project “begun mostly by recording an acoustic version of the original song,” which was just the “guitar and vocals.” However from “there, So Wylie really dives into the bare bones and creates a sonic world unlike anything” Shilo had “heard before.”

“I like to share opinions, and ideas but mostly I feel so lucky to be working with someone who’s musical sense is so nuanced and unique!” — Shilo Gold on the collaborative project with So Wylie

Teach Me is the first single between the two and it showcases a solid mix of Wylie’s production and that core acoustic element of the original mix from Shilo. Speaking on the release of the single, Shilo expressed how the single was important for “more reasons than one,” as Shilo elaborated below.

“The initial writing of Teach Me was monumental for me as an artist,” explains Shilo. “It was a shift in mindset, and truly a shift in writing style for me.”

On the direction of the single and first presenting it to So Wylie, Shilo reminisced abou how she and So Wylie “sat down to talk about where” the two of them “wanted to begin, and after” Shilo “shared the song with” So Wylie “it was off to the races,” so to speak.

“In my opinion [Shilo Gold] the message of Teach Me represents So Wylie and I’s relationship perfectly.”

“Exploring what magic can be made when you sink into the moment and live in a space of exploration, communication, and gratitude!” Shilo adds.

Speaking on what is next for the two, Shilo explained how the two artists have another “new single called Simple coming out in September of 2019,” and also at “least two more singles coming out before the end of 2019!”

“We want to release consistently,” Shilo concluded in our Q&A.

While this project between the two artists might be new, the two of them are not new to the music scene as Shilo Gold has made a name for herself within the music industry – having previous performed on national television for a global music competition – and So Wylie has been racking up her production credits as a highly respected and talented composer and sound designer.

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